Which side dishes go well with turkey?

The turkey

Getting a whole turkey from a butcher in Germany is next to impossible. This is primarily due to the low demand. Some producers and traders offer turkeys for ordering on the Internet. The weight is between four and eight kilos, the price depends on quality and posture - you should expect an average of around 25 euros per kilo.

If you manage to organize such a chunk, we would have, among other things, a recipe from the SZ magazine for a "turkey from the bin" that you can get outdoors (in a misappropriated rain barrel and very, very, very much fat) could cook over an open fire.

As an alternative, turkey, goose, duck or chicken are suitable. If you prefer to focus on the tradition in this country when preparing it, we recommend the recipe for St. Martin's goose with parsley filling. Duck lovers are likely to be weak either with the caramelized duck with potato dumplings and red cabbage, the crispy roast duck on stewed vegetables and potatoes or the glazed roast duck with an apple and rosemary filling.

As a smaller variant for two people, the fattening rooster with chestnut puree is sufficient - or one of the two variants of a roast chicken: one in white wine and herb marinade, one with rosemary, garlic and lemons.

Of course, the original US version also includes a cranberry sauce with the meat.

Anyway, some think that the best thing about turkey is the side dishes. On the next page you will find some suggestions that will convince not only vegetarians ...