What helps with life counseling

Life counseling - psychosocial counseling - psychological counseling

Professional help in difficult times

Support in dealing with crises and difficult life situations

I support you to deal with difficulties more calmly, to develop a zest for life and to go through life more satisfied and relaxed.

Do you find it difficult to say “no” once in a while? If you often feel overwhelmed and overwhelmed, I will advise you on how you can cope better with everyday life. I offer you support in times of crisis and help you to regain your strength.

If you are a bit haphazard at the moment and do not know how to proceed professionally or privately, then I will accompany you in the process of setting and achieving goals.

Are you prone to self-criticism? Do you find it difficult to accept yourself as you are and to say yes to yourself? Then we can work on strengthening your self-worth, self-esteem and self-acceptance. So that you can see yourself in a positive light again.

I would be happy to support you in building a healthy self-worth and help you appear more confident. Become aware of your own strengths!

I love to work with people on their personal development and to support them in finding solutions for their own concerns. I enjoy meeting other people with appreciation, empathy and humor and offering them help to help themselves.

The topics of psychosocial counseling or life and social counseling are as diverse as the people who take advantage of the counseling. Life counseling helps to talk about stressful or difficult to overcome problems and to look for a solution together in order to change the situation and regain quality of life.

Psychosocial counseling can relate to private or professional topics. The focus is on active, goal- and solution-oriented problem solving and joint discovery of resources. You will be accompanied in developing your own solution strategies and in finding new opportunities to expand your scope of action. The aim is to help people help themselves, as you are the expert of your life.

It is important that life counseling does not deal with any disease-related disorders. We only work with people who do not have any mental illnesses.

The professional group life and social counseling includes the field of activity: Psychological counseling, this includes counseling, coaching, counseling and support for people.

Life and social counseling is professional advice, support and support for people in decision-making, conflict and problem situations and represents the fourth pillar of health care in Austria alongside medicine, psychotherapy and clinical psychology.

Counseling can improve life satisfaction and psychological well-being, as well as broadening one's own room for maneuver.

I offer support to

  • Problems
  • Decision questions
  • Relationship problems
  • Desires for change
  • mastering crises
  • Your conflict management
  • Questions about meaning and finding meaning
  • strengthening your self worth
  • Reorientation and reorientation processes
  • dealing with one's own disability
  • the work-life balance
  • Your personal and / or professional development
  • Weltanschauung issues, dealing with religion and spirituality


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