To whom do we give our unconditional love

Come into unconditional love

I love you"

To whom do we say in our life - in the family or even in the environment 'I love you'?

Who did you last show your love to and when?

Most of all - why?

How often do you tell your kids that you love them?

A love that everyone feels, but hardly anyone actually expresses it.

When the children are still small, this expression may easily come off our lips, but when they grow up ...?

As a woman, do you dare to openly tell a good friend that you love him?

As a man, do you dare to openly tell a good friend that you love her?

Did you ever say it to your parents? Your siblings?

To whomever?

Why don't we dare to express the love we feel unreservedly, openly, honestly and fearlessly?

Observe the thoughts that are going through your head right now with this question -

We give our love - our attention - to all the people who are 'close' to us as a matter of course. With whom we feel comfortable, who are sympathetic to us and who 'belong to us'. But we hardly or not at all dare to put these sensations, these feelings into words and even less to express them openly to the appropriate people.

What would my friends think of me if I told them all that I 'love' them? In the end they think, I 'want something' from them - they would at least look at me with raised eyebrows and think I am crazy - maybe turn away or even worse - just think about sex! "

And when I tell my parents or adolescent children that I love them - doesn't that sound strange - ridiculous? "

In contrast, we don't find it strange that we are always ready to utter accusations, insults, hurtful and belittling words in anger or argument. We hardly think of anything - we let ourselves be carried away so easily and quickly by our respective emotions. We very, very rarely, if ever, mean it. In an argument or anger, do these words rarely, almost never, correspond to the innermost truth ...

But when it comes to love, which is simply the truth - positive, appreciative feelings, thoughts - then we usually don't share it out of fear of being misunderstood.

That should give us food for thought. On the contrary, the words of love are misused to get something, so as not to be abandoned ...

Love “as it has always been understood by humans, is something that you don't get for free.

Even small children, yes, babies learn - already learns that they do not get the full attention of their parents. Children learn that 'love' is not ubiquitous, that 'love' is conditional. But they also do not find out that this is not true love.

I'm not saying that parents don't love their children, but we ALL have never learned our love unconditionally To give away. Nobody. Not even to our parents, as they could not give us love unconditionally either - you have never experienced it yourself - so we usually do not give our children our love unconditionally either.

An evil of conditioned humanity that love can / may only exist in partnership relationships ??? Well, everyone is aware that the love of parents and the love for the children exists 'naturally' and therefore does not need to be talked about or expressed after all.? But when we talk about love, EVERYONE thinks first and foremost about one / her partner. With this view, love has been greatly minimized and thus does not even exist. Because true love is unconditional, all-embracing love ... unconditionality is what characterizes love. There is no love without unconditionality. Here love is misunderstood.

Here love is turned into its opposite. In fear ...

Because 'love' that is conditioned is based on some fear that expresses itself in this way. Nobody is aware of their conditional love, mankind has been living this 'form' of love for thousands of years. How should we get to the background of how love 'works'?

The point today is that we find that our love as we have lived it up to now is not working at all. Every relationship falls apart sooner or later, or is lived on in quiet desperation ...

The question of how a relationship remains happy and 'stable' in the long term has been dismissed by the widespread experience with the fact that a permanently happy relationship is not possible, or that only a few are 'lucky'. And secretly you don't really believe in these 'allegedly' so happy couples, because you can't imagine long-term happiness from your own experiences. Nobody has noticed that this misbelief actually attracts the relevant experiences.

And many no longer even dare to imagine a happy partnership - to indulge in this dream. It is already too deeply anchored in the collective consciousness that this simply does not exist ...

What conditional love has made of our society, of our children, is what we see and experience daily in our environment - ourselves. We are not able to love unconditionally, to give our love freely, and neither are we able to love them in joy to accept. Either fear of how someone reacts to it - who might expect others, for example - keeps us from it, or we give our love out of our own expectations, which we are seldom aware of. The human association of "love" has degenerated as a commodity in our society. It is used to attract attention, warmth, but also often enough to get belongings - a better job, a 'common' house, a secure life ...

Do you really believe that true love is not possible, that a partnership cannot be permanently lived in harmony and happiness? Have you never asked yourself why that should / is? Have you never had doubts about these theories that everyone seems to believe in? Have you never asked yourself what the key is for a harmonious, happy and growing partnership and relationships of any kind?

Well, look at your relationships from an unconditional perspective ...

Unconditionality means that whatever I want to think, say and do, it does not depend on what it does in my environment, my partner and in the family. Unconditionality means that in everything I do, I don't do it in anticipation of a result, that I don't expect or hope that I will get something in return ...

When I bring children into the world, I shouldn't have the ulterior motive that they will support or even care for me, but simply want to give them my love ...

If I do something good for my partner, give up something for him, then I cannot expect him to do the same for me, but simply out of the joy with which I do it ...

Because my parents raised me, I can't expect them to always be there for me and catch me when I 'break down', but rather to be grateful to them for the opportunity to live myself and my own life.

Our relationships are based on EXPECTATIONS in ALL areas !!!

This is a fact - this is still largely how it looks on our planet at the moment (2014) ...

If you think about it for a moment, you will find out for yourself.

That is why living together does not work in the long term. In everything people do, they expect something in return. Nobody can fulfill this in the long run without giving up elsewhere, losing oneself. At some point, nobody feels comfortable in this donor role anymore, because everything is based on demands that cannot be given voluntarily anywhere. The act is 'forced' and then it is expected that it will work in the long run. In the process, everyone involved imperceptibly and literally loses their life energy.

Love is pure energy.

love istheultimate life energy, the only truly existing energy.

Without them there would be nothing - nothing existed -

Love is the life-giving, vital energy, without which no one can live.

And this is the struggle on our earth on a large scale (states, countries, continents) as well as on a small scale (family, friendship, relationships). The struggle for the vital energy - love

Without love - attention, warmth, security, appreciation, freedom, joy - man cannot live.

An infant dies without attention and warmth. It takes this energy to live, not just food. Food is important to nourish the body.

The essential is invisible "

The energy of love is necessary to nourish the soul.

When we are happy, we experience attention, appreciation and security, we feel good, our soul is nourished! It is this feeling of well-being that shows us that our soul is healthy - we are on the right path ... Through this energy, our soul and our body are and will remain healthy.

The various diseases that our bodies developed only developed out of the lack of love in us or for us. Whenever something is asked of us and we involuntarily comply with these demands, we lose energy. Due to our conditioned society, however, no energy comes back voluntarily and so a deficit arises in our body, which we in turn try to fill by expectations and demands on our part of others.

Since this system is not based on love (the pure life energy), but on conditions that are set out of (life) fear, it is easy to understand why we are now in difficulties in our personal life and in the whole of our world.

We have never learned to develop this energy in ourselves, out of ourselves, because we never got enough 'love' as children. We developed behaviors to attract attention and thus the necessary energy. But it is these behaviors that remove us from true, unconditional love - push it away. We are not ourselves, we bend over, force ourselves into these behavioral mechanisms and submit to the norms of society in order to get at least enough energy to survive.

Nobody is aware of these behavioral mechanisms and even less of when and why these mechanisms were developed by us. They were necessary to be able to `grow up 'in a' loveless' world at all. Since they arose unconsciously, they were further applied and developed into the greatest and most fundamental problem of human coexistence. Because in the "living on" of conditioned love - the life of our behavioral mechanisms - the experience of true, unconditional love blocked itself more and more.

Because even where we met unconditional love, we could not accept it. We couldn't believe and understand that someone actually doesn't want anything in return. So instead of accepting what has been given to us, we have burdened the relationship with the constant question of what is behind the 'gift'. In this misunderstanding and mistrust, we have repulsed true love and thus denied ourselves the experience and joy of it. There we have repeatedly deprived ourselves of the greatest gift that universal creation - God - has for us: the knowledge that we ourselves have unconditional loveare. And that through this knowledge we create them increasingly in our lives by living them ourselves unconditionally. If we give everything we do and give from the heart, out of pure joy, then we do not lose energy, but expand it. Giving freely and unconditionally holds infinite energy. This joy of pure giving fills us with pure, infinite energy - pure, true love ...

Robert Betz beautifully described the nature of unconditional love:

Be a gift giver, a lover who knows that he doesn't need a gift in return, not even a 'thank you', because the gift gives him pleasure. You are very rich in love and a thousand possibilities to give your love and your light to the world. "

My own experiences and the resulting insights into my love arise from my partnership: