Which exercises could replace 30 minutes of jogging?

Better than jogging: 8 exercises for weight loss

It's the classic: if you want to lose weight, go jogging. But running can be monotonous, and it's not the right sport for everyone. We have put together eight great exercises that will help you lose your pounds just as quickly!

Jogging is great. It relieves stress, increases stamina, and burns fat - all you need to do is a pair of shoes and a little willpower. When it comes to losing weight, running is also the top endurance sport and burns more calories than cycling or swimming. The problem: It's monotonous and takes a long time. If you really want to lose weight, you have to jog for at least 30 minutes several times a week, ideally 60 minutes. Don't feel like doing that? Then we have good news for you: There are a number of fitness exercises that burn significantly more calories than running and are also a lot of fun.

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Why fitness training is better than running

With intensive resistance training - i.e. training with weights - you burn far more calories than when jogging. However, only if you train intensely, i.e. with little to no breaks. Compared to moderate-intensive training units, you consume up to 70 percent more calories - about the same as with a brisk run.

Muscle building training is not the only weight loss alternative to jogging, many exciting endurance sports are just as effective as the good old endurance run. We've picked ten of the best exercises to help you shed pounds.

1. Kettlebell swing

With this explosive exercise, you mainly train the large muscles on the buttocks and thighs, which costs a lot of energy - and therefore calories. You can also use it to drive your pulse up into astronomical spheres. According to studies, you burn around 20 calories per minute while swinging the kettlebell and are constantly moving at around 90 percent of your maximum heart rate. A 20-minute work-out is enough to burn over 400 calories and boost your metabolism to such an extent that you are still in fat-burning mode hours later.

By the way: The kettlebell swing may look simple, but it is so strenuous because the sequence of movements is extremely unusual for our body. You can find a detailed description of the exercise here: Kettlebell Swing

2. Rowing on the machine

On the rowing machine, a 84-pound man burns around 380 calories in half an hour. Plus, because you're training the muscles in your arms, legs, and back at the same time, it's a great exercise for your entire body. By the way, what is meant here is rowing on the endurance machine, not the classic back exercise on the fitness machine.

3. Burpees

Burpees are a mix of push-ups and high-extension jump and burn 1.4 calories per repetition. So whoever manages at least seven per minute - which should be possible without any problems - burns calories in the double-digit range. The minimum would actually be 10 burpees per minute, because only then will your metabolism be boosted as strongly as with a 30-second sprint.

This is how the burpee works: crouch down and jump up. Extend your arms upwards as you do this. When you land, support yourself with your hands on the floor and jump into the push-up position. Then, do a push-up and jump back into a crouch, from where you begin the next rep.

4. Jump rope

Moderately intense jumping rope, i.e. around 100 to 120 jumps per minute, burns around 13 calories every minute. It also demands more muscle groups than jogging and demands your balance and coordination - especially if you deviate from classic two-legged jumping and choose a jumping technique with a higher level of difficulty, e.g. B. one-legged jumping, rope crossings, or the like.

5. Crossfit

Crossfit is currently THE fitness trend par excellence. The system combines exercises from classic resistance training with functional exercises, exercises with your own body weight, sprints and much more. The whole thing is tinkered together into daily changing workouts, which are usually completed in a group for a limited period of time. Whoever is fastest wins.

The most famous work-out of the day (WOD) is called “Cindy” and consists of five pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats without weight. The aim is to complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes. With Cindy you burn about 13 calories per minute, so that's 260 calories per unit and a frenzied metabolism.

Athletes in top form are allowed to run through the exercises in quick succession. If you can't do it yet - probably most people - you can always take a break when you have to.

The secret of Cindy: It really boosts the metabolism because it goes from standing to the floor and back to standing again, which particularly fires the pulse.

6. Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing challenges you more than running at the same speed because you have to push with your lower body and pull your upper body. This will quickly bring you to 12 calories burned per minute. Anyone who has ever seen cross-country skiing or biathlon on television can now also imagine why the athletes always collapse exhausted at the finish line. By the way, a training machine that simulates cross-country skiing also does it when you are not running fast.

7. Tabata Jump Squats

With Tabata squats you burn tons of calories in just four minutes - during your workout and beyond. Power yourself through eight rounds with 20 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds of rest. You burn a good 13 calories per minute with it. That sounds small in total (52 calories), but your metabolism is boosted in such a way that it runs at twice the speed for at least 30 minutes after training - and therefore burns twice as many calories.

And this is how the Tabata Jump Squats work: You cross your hands behind your head and do quick squats with your back straight, where you jump off a little and cushion something when landing.

8. Battle Ropes

As part of the functional fitness wave, the so-called battle ropes have become increasingly popular and can now also be found outside of crossfit boxes and martial arts gyms. No wonder, with hardly any other exercise the body consumes more oxygen and energy, you burn a good 10 calories per minute.

This is how it works: The long ropes are grabbed at one end. Make waves with the ropes by moving your shoulders and arms. That looks easy, but is not that easy at first and in the long run a guarantee for burning pain in the shoulder. Not bad pain, of course, but the pain of success.


Jogging is not for everyone. It is time-consuming and monotonous, people who are overweight quickly risk joint pain and while it helps with weight loss it does not necessarily shape the body. With these eight exercises you have a great weight loss alternative. Some can adequately replace a longer run, e.g. B. Cross-country skiing or machine rowing, others are only suitable for short, intensive units of a few minutes, such as burpees or tabata squats. You can integrate these exercises perfectly into your normal muscle building workouts, e.g. B. at the beginning or the end to set an additional impulse to burn fat, but still work on an athletic body shape.

The special thing about these crisp short workouts: Although you burn very few calories during your own units, sometimes only by 50, you get your metabolism going so high that your body can melt its fat reserves even hours later during the rest phase.

Have fun trying!

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