Is Bill Gates a Democrat or a Republican

Bill Gates makes an amazing prediction about the Trump era

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are known for one thing first and foremost: their money. Bill Gates is the richest man in the world and Warren Buffett is the third richest. According to Forbes, they together own more than 153.9 billion euros.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that both are optimistic about the future. Cynical natures might be inclined to attribute this not least to their immeasurable wealth - after all, those who have that much money do not have to worry about themselves.

But this is exactly where the two of them differ from the cliché that many of the super-rich have. Not only do they worry about themselves, they also follow the political and social developments in their country very closely.

Bill Gates: "I Predict a Return of the Truth"

Many people feared the future under President Trump. But Bill Gates believes that the good will prevail in the end. Because the world, he says, is actually getting better and better.

In a guest post for Time magazine, Bill Gates discusses several developments - from child mortality rates to the many countries that protect homosexual rights - and emphasizes that we are moving in a positive direction. We just don't get much of it because we mostly perceive bad news.

"These events - bad as they were - happened in the context of a larger, positive trend," Gates writes. "Overall, the world is getting better."

Some of the points he lists as examples are:

  • A dramatic drop in the under-five mortality rate. Since 1990, the number has halved, saving the lives of 122 million children.
  • A dramatic change in the number of people living in extreme poverty. In 1990 it was a third of the world's population; today it is only a tenth.
  • A huge increase in the number of children attending school worldwide: 90 percent of all children can now do that.
  • Laws protecting homosexuals are now in place in more than 100 countries.
  • All over the world, women are increasingly being filled in public offices.

Together with his friend Warren Buffet, Gates gave an interview to the portal "The Atlantic" last year. In times of fake news and alternative facts, Gates stated, "I predict a return of the truth."

Certain non-fact-based solutions would not be as effective as the fact-based solutions. "Democracy is something that corrects itself."

Warren Buffett can understand people's dissatisfaction too. He explains it primarily with the growing gap between rich and poor. He is referring to the Forbes list: In 1982, the total wealth of the super-rich was estimated at $ 88 billion. Today it is 2.2 trillion.

In stark contrast to this is the “significantly high percentage” of people in America who cannot support their families even with a 40-hour job.

"People believe their children will be worse off than they are," said Buffet.

But then he also said: "You are completely wrong."

Where did the optimism come from? Warren Buffett does not take his positive view of things out of thin air, nor from his gigantic fortune, but from the predictions of his friend Bill Gates.

In 2006, Warren Buffett joined Gates' The Giving Pledge and pledged to donate most of his fortune to charitable organizations. Since then, every year he has received a letter from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation stating what Buffett and other major donors get for their money: A better world.

Because even if we often see nothing in the media but war, terror and misery: on the whole, things are looking up and Bill Gates closes his letter with the most hopeful prediction of all:

"The future will surprise the pessimists."

"People are completely wrong," says Buffett to "The Atlantic". "Your children will live better and their grandchildren even better."

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This also applies to all of us who do not own billions. So if you still tend to see the world on the edge, you may be able to recall the words of Bill Gates from time to time. He has already convinced Warren Buffett.

This article was published by Business Insider in November 2019. It has now been reviewed and updated.