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7 fashion rules of the Scandinavian women

Beautifully stylish: 7 fashion rules of the Scandinavians

Apparently without much effort, Scandi ladies somehow always look chic, always stylish and always elegant. Pouring rain? No matter! Cold? There are worse things! Monday mood? Don't know the ladies. And if they do, they still look awesome. How do you do it? We asked ourselves that too. And we got to the bottom of the fashion rules of the Scandinavian women.

Scandinavian women observe these basic rules when it comes to fashion

We watch a lot of them, but preferably the fashion: Scandinavians are at the forefront when it comes to style and what seems so simple and natural is not so easy to imitate in front of the mirror. Or maybe yes? One of the biggest basic rules of the Scandi ladies is high quality basics - a lot of it. Actually, they can't get enough of it. Filigree jewelry, stylish accents and cool shoes then round off the look. Another important factor for Scandinavians is that quality. You won't find thousands of polyester blouses in your wardrobes, but rather several simple cashmere sweaters and well-fitting jeans. You can't and don't want to invest that much money in fashion? No problem, even cheaper labels have parts that look at least visually much higher quality than they might be in the end. The following Fashion rules help you to imitate the Scandi style in no time.

1. Reduce outfits to a single color scheme

If you want to make your outfit more elegant and adult in the blink of an eye, you can wear it a single color world, in which he Jacket, sweater and pants holds. Shoes and accessories can break the look with a different color. Our recommendation:

Carrot pants for about 42 euros HERE shopping

pullover for about 21 euros HERE to buy

coat for about 70 euros HERE take

2. Invest in great basic parts

As you may have already read here, great basic items are essential for a well-stocked and stylish wardrobe. And The Scandinavians also know the "3-part rule", which states that a fashionable outfit consists of 2 basics and 1 it-piece. So you are clearly "Team Basic". As soon as you also belong to the group and are in a few high quality basic parts invested, you will notice how easy it is for you to find stylish looks. The favorites of the editorial team:

pullover for about 32 euros HERE shop

Shirt blouse for about 35 euros HERE take

Gray basic shirt for about 11 euros HERE shopping

3. Get a high-quality favorite bag

Do you have a stylish but universal bag found, that gives every outfit that certain something in no time at all, then hold on to it and never let go of it. Because it is a loyal guarantee for a fashionable appearance. Snap, flip and look great: This is how the Scandinavians do it, and with these models you will soon too:

Black model for about 40 euros HERE to buy

Model in dark red for about 18 euros HERE buy more

4. Commit more style breaks

Glitter, runabout, transparent skirt and running shoes? Hoodie over an elegant dress? Sports socks in pumps? Style breaks are there to be committed. Scandinavian women also know this and, with their daring outliers, landed first place on the fashion rankings right next to the French women.

5. Pimp your outfit with chic jewelry

A casual look gets a stylish upgrade with glamorous jewelry in no time. Take courage: Twinkle-twinkle earrings can also be worn in everyday life. They look particularly cool with a simple hoodie. We love:

Model in the trendy horn look for about 9 euros HERE to buy

With a lot of glitter and glory: Sparkle model for about 13 euros HERE shopping

Geometric design model for about 15 euros HERE take

6. Take the cuddly hoodie outside as well

We like this rule best: An interesting look is created when the cuddly couch hoodie is also allowed to sniff fresh everyday air. Over a flowing skirt, for example made of a silky material, or with vintage high waist denim, plus a heel shoe and cute jewelry: the sweater is already going out fine. We like. Our favorite models:

Gray hoodie for about 20 euros HERE to buy

Oversized sweatshirt for about 27 euros HERE shopping

sweater with "New York" print HERE take away for about 30 euros

7. More is more: wear eye-catching shoes

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