Will the world end in 2022

Apocalypse: The next end of the world will be the last

The end of the world is fundamentally different from the sunset. As a rule, it only takes place once, but then correctly. That characterizes a clever end of the world. After that there is silence. Unfortunately, the dinosaurs can no longer tell you a thing or two about it, and they have long since ceased to exist in the world-historical interview zone.

The good thing about it is that since the end of the world takes place extremely rarely, you can talk about it as often as you want. After that there are no more witnesses anyway. And beforehand, the jaws can be properly inflated with air so that they are always close to tearing apart. Maintain tension, the audience is spellbound. Until the air slowly escapes and the cheeks slacken.

The world has ended since I've lived. Cold War, Pershing II, Chernobyl, census boycott, 9/11, IS, climate catastrophe. A stretch of horror. Air out. You get used to it. And when you get older, you look more relaxed at the end of the world anyway. Sure, you don't have as many years ahead of you as the boys, so they panic more. Understandable again.

The British philosopher and activist Rupert Read, a member of the British Greens and spokesman for Extinction Rebellion, recently responded to the question of how one can manage to talk about the future - if it is actually so bleak - without too much to the people scare, replied: “The truth is that it is likely to be catastrophic. That we are moving towards a mass extinction that will be more blatant than the previous mass extinctions in the history of the earth. ”With this, Read, who is also 53 years old, has frightened everyone.