How do you feel about fast food

Et toi, t’en penses quoi?

As with any diet, fast food is not a problem in and of itself if it is consumed occasionally. Frequent consumption (several times a week) of this type of food can have consequences for health and be the cause of cardiovascular diseases (diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure ...). Also, the high calorie intake from these foods, which are high in quick sugar and fat, low in vitamins and fiber, and often too salted, has a real impact on weight. A typical fast food dish with a hamburger, fries and a sweet drink provides an energy intake of 1000 to 1200 calories.

If fast food is only consumed occasionally and the diet is otherwise varied and balanced, fast food, like any other unusual feast (e.g. birthday party), does not endanger the nutritional balance.

Fast food and marketing

Fast food and its range of fatty and sweet products undoubtedly attract young people. Marketing for this type of product also works particularly well, especially for large fast food chains that are sprouting up a little everywhere. For some time now, particular progress has been made in terms of packaging and labeling. Nutritional information is on the packaging, but it is often incomprehensible to the general public. They serve the manufacturers as a "health alibi".

What makes fast food so attractive

So what attracts the young and also less young people? The soft, easy-to-eat, quick ... food. In fact, it is the “easy-to-live” products, the way of eating and the products that symbolize a casualness that attract young people. The frozen pizza that becomes crispy in 3 minutes, the “menus” in fast food restaurants that are eaten in a sitting area with friends, the drinking yoghurt in the bottle, as well as the snacks and sweet drinks, in short every product that is made to go with it is to be taken away and eaten no matter where. Another reason why the young people like to eat out in the fast-food restaurant is the relaxed atmosphere, the joy of a meal together with friends ... The young people form new social bonds with a meal that is shared among friends. Eat outside, create new relationships and try out new roles.

And what about sandwiches anyway?

The selection of sandwiches is huge. They are often offered with fatty sauces and without raw vegetables. A ham and cheese sandwich with raw vegetables, on the other hand, is a perfectly balanced meal. It is best to take a water or a light drink as well as a fruit for dessert and the meal is perfect.