Can we raise the Titanic?

Where it is always warm in summer in the Titanic II

A constant temperature must always prevail in the data centers - this on an energetic level. That means: It must not be cooled down indiscriminately. The ratio of the supplied power to the usable IT power should be as close as possible to the value 1. As Pascal Gassner, Head of Data Center Operations, explains during a visit to the data center, the Energy Strategy 2050 stipulates that highly efficient data centers should have a value below 1.3 by 2030. The temperature specified by the Federal Office of Energy for the data center rooms in the Titanic II is 26 degrees. “So we have to keep 26 degrees and not fall below this value. At 27 degrees, the currently measured temperature is even one degree higher and therefore better than the target. "

How important cooling is for the data center is shown by the experience of the security tests that the FOITT carries out every year together with the Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics. The last one took place in mid-November. “If the air conditioning is off, the temperature in the data centers increases by one degree per minute. This bears the greatest risk for us. In ten minutes it would be so hot that the first servers would automatically switch off via the self-protection system, ”explains Pascal Gassner. This fact is not unusual for a data center - and corresponds to the standard - but annual safety tests are very important so that, among other things, this cooling function is tested in particular. As the tests have shown, the cooling system in the last data center is working again after just three minutes.

Security is a top priority in the data center rooms of the Titanic II. Access is only possible with a badge and code. The authorized specialist comes into the data center rooms through the secured doors and only individually. Since access to applications relevant to national law must be traceable, a record is made of who was in the data center at what time. A four-eyes principle must always be adhered to. “So nobody comes to the data center without having received permission from us and without having to show that they are operationally necessary. And certainly not alone, ”says Pascal Gassner.