Why should you join a fitness center?

Fitness apps

What can fitness apps do?

As the name suggests, fitness apps have been developed for fitness training, but are also used in the professional sector. Whether endurance, strength or flexibility - treadmill, ergometer or free training - a good workout app can be set individually and provides the athlete with all the necessary data, often with precisely tailored training and time plans.

Surprisingly, such a training app is sometimes exactly the missing key to success. Because when the training concept suddenly becomes visually and acoustically tangible, the first successes often appear and they usually motivate you to do more. As soon as you notice that targeted, guided training really works - even if it's only with the help of a simple fitness app - the motivation comes naturally. High-quality fitness equipment offers direct connections to workout apps such as the free SOLE Fitness App, which can not only be individually adapted for each user, but also replaces the personal trainer and has various training programs ready for almost every training goal.

An endurance training app with virtual reality functions is also ideal. It allows you to download tracks and routes that can be recorded anywhere in the world and uses sensors to register how far and how fast the athlete is moving forward on the treadmill, ergometer or bicycle trainer and then displays this on the screen as continuous Movement on the track. Endurance training with such an endurance training app is a lot of fun and motivates you to train anew every time. Fitness apps with an affiliated community are also successful. You then compete against other real fitness enthusiasts and measure yourself against like-minded athletes. This informal competition is also a strong motivator, which is why such training apps are also in great demand. One of the first and most famous apps in this direction was and is Freeletics.

Which fitness app would you like?

Depending on the training goal and training device, every athlete will find the right training app for himself, which is perfectly adapted to his needs and, as a beginner, can also expect quick successes if he stays on the ball. For the HAMMER SPORT fitness equipment there is the particularly impressive BITGYM app with stylish virtual reality functions. The successful crowdfunding app was voted one of the best apps in the Health & Fitness category in America by Apple in 2014 and is available in the Appstore and the Google Play Store. The premium endurance training app is compatible with all HAMMER SPORT cardio equipment, both treadmill and exercise bikes, ergometers and cross trainers and offers training on virtual routes from anywhere.

The free SOLE Fitness App impresses with its intuitive operation and a large, clear display. Personal settings can be created directly in a user profile and training can be started with one click. The SOLE app offers 10 different training programs - from interval training to heart rate training to the fat burning program, the right program is available for every athlete. During the training it is up to the user whether he synchronizes the SOLE Fitness app with the training device and operates it via a tablet or smartphone, or directly on the display of the endurance device. The training can be followed and monitored in real time via a dashboard. In addition to the selected program type, all relevant data such as pulse, distance, duration, number of calories and speed are displayed. In addition, the SOLE app has a practical calendar function with which, among other things, the previous training units can be viewed and evaluated again.

For device-free training, i.e. training with the body's own weight, there are plenty of workout apps available for download from the Internet. The Freeletics app has already been able to get three million users to download it. The seven-minute workout app, which can also be synchronized with Google Fit and is already one of the classics, is also well-known. Tabata is about interval training and Runtastic offers several apps with different focuses. In addition to the pure strength building and endurance training apps, those interested in sports will also find fitness apps for stretching exercises or yoga lessons in the Appstore or Google Play Store.

Advantages and disadvantages of fitness apps in direct comparison


  • More fun in training
  • Promotes motivation
  • Personal trainer / guided training
  • Learning videos and information
  • Interactive training
  • Light training monitoring
  • Automatic training reminder

It is very clear that interactive training aids like the SOLE Fitness App help you to keep your motivation up and to make the training more attractive. The training control via the saved training progress is extremely practical and is also appreciated by professional athletes. Guided training via the interactive personal trainer makes it easier for beginners as well as advanced learners to achieve their personal goals. Beginners will also find it easier to enter the world of fitness with learning videos and detailed exercise descriptions. While the first fitness apps were still quite simple, newer endurance training apps like the BITGYM app with detailed virtual routing and also allow the connection to larger fitness communities.


  • Risk of doing exercises incorrectly
  • Quick successes can lead to over-motivation
  • Unnecessary restriction of the training due to fixed limits

As good as the learning videos of some apps are, as a beginner, insufficient self-control can lead to exercises being carried out incorrectly or only partially correctly, which of course is not the whole point. It is therefore advisable to initially receive instruction and control from an experienced trainer or athlete and also to have the correct execution of the movement confirmed again at regular intervals from time to time. This is especially true for device-independent fitness apps. With a connection to fitness equipment for endurance training such as treadmills, cross trainers or ergometers, a one-time briefing for the corresponding fitness equipment is usually sufficient.

After the first goals have been achieved with the help of fitness apps, it can be that you go a little too exuberantly into further training and then you get into overtraining. It is best to just listen to your body and make sure that you still feel good during training. In addition, it is practical and efficient to train according to given training plans, but do not see the stipulations as irrevocable. Sometimes you are so full of energy that you want to and can train more or differently than according to plan. On other days you may feel exhausted and can and should be allowed to postpone the scheduled training session with a clear conscience. Ultimately, the workout has to be fun to stick with it in the long run. A good fitness app certainly does its part and promotes your motivation in an innovative way.