Is deer healthy for dogs

Game meat for dogs

Up to now, game meat has played a subordinate role in dog nutrition. This has changed significantly in recent years.

Due to numerous intolerances, the importance of game for dogs is increasing significantly.

Game is the meat of roe deer, red deer, stag, hare, partridge or wild boar.

Game is considered to be particularly healthy, high-quality and noble meat. Game meat accounts for less than one percent of the total meat consumption.

Wild as an alternative for allergic dogs

Game meat comes straight from nature. These animals live in their natural habitat and eat the food intended for them. These facts make the meat so high quality.

Dogs suffering from intolerance and allergies usually cannot tolerate meat that comes from traditional mass production.

Game meat can make an important contribution to dogs with allergies or intolerances. It is therefore often used in the hypoallergenic diet of dogs.

Can dogs eat game?

Game meat contains an average of 23 percent easily digestible protein, which can be converted particularly easily into the body's own protein. The reason is the balanced composition of the amino acids.

The difference to farm animals is already evident here. The fat content, however, is lower than that of beef, for example.

The meat of wild animals is therefore low in energy, but rich in nutrients. It contains large amounts of B group vitamins and numerous minerals and trace elements such as zinc, selenium and iron.

Game meat is dark in color

Game meat is mainly used in high-quality dog ​​food. For this purpose, all parts are used that are not intended for human consumption.

For raw feeding, game meat is available frozen from specialist retailers. However, it can mostly be obtained fresh from a good butcher or directly from the hunter.

Game meat is dark and strong in color and must have a neutral smell.

Deer bones for dogs

Game meat, ears, heart and windpipe are sold dried as snack or chewing products. A specialty are deer bones and antlers, which are popular as natural chew toys.

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