When will McDonalds fall

That's how high your salary is at McDonald's

There are always assumptions about what to do with McDonald's deserves - our salary system is very transparent. M.cDonald's Austria has its own collective agreement that applies to all restaurants owned by the company and operated by franchisees. We'll tell you exactly how high your wages are with an M.cDonald’s job will be.

This is what the McDonald’s collective agreement looks like:

BGdescriptionmonthMore than 5 years in the company
More than 10 years in the company
More than 15 years in the company

System catering employees

€ 1.575,–€ 1.622,25€ 1.653,75€ 1.701,–
2Employees in system catering at all stations and McCafé trained including successful crew trainer certification, who are regularly and predominantly entrusted with training other employees in the restaurant€ 1.605,–€ 1.653,15€ 1.685,25€ 1.733,40
3Part-shift leader in system catering and system catering specialist with final apprenticeship examination€ 1.695,–€ 1.745,85€ 1.779,75€ 1.830,60
4Shift supervisor and system catering specialist with final apprenticeship examination after shift supervisor certification€ 1.740,–€ 1.792,20€ 1.827,–€ 1.879,20

Our collective agreement includes four employment groups. Employment group 1 includes our crew job profiles: Service employee, Kitchen employee, M employeecCafé, guest attendants, night cleaning staff, cleaning staff and also holiday workers. Each crew member can move up to employment groups 2 to 4, the prerequisite is the successful completion of in-house qualification measures.

The junior manager at McDonald’s will be paid according to employment group 4 when he joins the company.

Salary for a part-time job at the McDonald’s restaurant

Whether students, parents of younger children or freelancers - many are looking for a job that they can do flexibly and in less time. At thecDonald’s no problem, because anything is possible here between 7 and 40 hours per week. Whoever gets his exact wages for the planned part-time job at McDonald’s would like to know, it can easily be calculated: The basic wage is € 1,575 gross for 40 hours per week. The actual wage is based on the number of hours aliquot in relation to the base wage. This results in the following wages, for example:

30 hours per week: € 1,181.25
20 hours per week: € 787.50
11 hours per week: € 433.13

Apprentice compensation during an apprenticeship at McDonald’s

1st year of apprenticeship:€ 860,–
2nd year of apprenticeship:€ 955,–
3rd year of apprenticeship:€ 1.155,–

With us, apprentices are paid above average compared to the collective bargaining agreement. After completing their final apprenticeship examination, they go straight to employment group 3; if they pass the shift supervisor certification, they get into employment group 4.

McDonald's Restaurant Manager Salaries in Germany

For restaurant managers, the collective bargaining agreement for salaried employees is used; the gross minimum salary according to the collective agreement therefore differs depending on the federal state. However, the actual salary is higher than the collective agreement and is based on experience and qualifications.