Who is most likely to kill Cersei

Why should Cersei choose this option now?

Cersei has re-armed the faith; This was probably the biggest mistake she's ever made.

She saw it as a simple political maneuver: the newly strengthened faith had been fairly neutral politically, and Cersei wanted to be the first to ensure her allegiance - especially to House Tyrell - through some concessions. After doing this, she immediately used her new toy gun on House Tyrell.

The faith had been disarmed centuries ago by King Jaehaeris I after a seven-year war called the "Militant Revolt of Faith" that began when King Aenys I belittled the faith by marrying his son and daughter. It was the death of Aenys I and Maegor I, who both the militant faith and the lords who had taken care of their cause could not defeat - although the Targaryens then Had dragons . King Jaehaeris I only disarmed them after giving all rebels a full amnesty and promising protection of the faith.

Now Cersei is publicly accused of the faith

  • Killing of her husband and king, Robert I.
  • Committing adultery with her brother Jaime

King Tommen I's claim to the throne would be nearly invalid if Cersei is found guilty.

Above all, Cersei wants to protect her children, King Tommen I and Princess Myrcella, from the fate that Maggy the frog predicted: Cersei will see them all dead.

After the fulfillment of many of Maggy's predictions, especially after the death of King Joffrey I, she is terrified and tries everything in her power to save her children from her fate and her agent: the "new queen, younger and more beautiful who will prostrate her and take everything that is dear to her ". This explains their extreme hostility towards Lady Sansa Lannister and Queen Margaery Tyrell.

In the books is The Valonquar (Valyrian: Little Brother) another agent of prophecy who is predicted to kill Cersei. This explains her hatred of Tyrion Lannister (although she has another little brother, Jaime Lannister).

Cersei not only wants to protect her children, but also power. Both for themselves and for their children. Probably because she sees power as another means of protecting her children; clearly she should look at some statistics ...

Attack the Faith

This is the course you are proposing. She threatened to do so while locked in her cell, but it is utterly impossible. After her threats and when she knows them, faith will surely expect assassinations, so she will have to launch a direct attack.

In King's Landing, the Forces of Faith (The Faith Militant) are far more numerous than those of Cersei (The Kingsguard, the Lannister House Guard, and the City Guard). If Cersei calls a Lannister army, it will be weeks before it arrives from the western lands. Many would rally to the side of the Faith: the little people of King's Landing would surely oppose it (after their path of shame), and many Lords will join for political reasons or because of their pious nature. Mainly from Cersei's paranoid point of view, House Tyrell could join the Faith to release Queen Margaery and Ser Loras, as well as House Martell for just waiting for a reason to fight.

In reality, each of the troops of the range (for the reasons stated above), the Valley (after Lord Baelish finishes with the Boltons), Dorne (for who knows the true intentions of Prince Doran Martell), the Riverlands (because Lord Walder Difficult to predict, Frey will generally be on the winners' side, and the Stormlands (in revenge for the death of King Robert I, possibly to install one of his noble bastards like Edric Storm or a distant cousin) might believe connect .

I cannot imagine anyone for Cersei who would defend himself against the faith - not even all of the Westerlande might possibly rise up.

The conflict would probably not last long and most likely end with the death of her and King Tommen I by an angry mob. The victors could hold a grand council, presided over by the High Septon, to elect a new king (but this is just speculation).

Barricade yourself in the Red Fortress and "wait"

Refusing to stand trial would, in the eyes of most, prove their guilt. Faith would hold her trial in her absence and doomed her to die. An angry mob could storm the Red Fortress to "carry out their sentence" and likely kill King Tommen I as well as them.

Escape in the shadows of the night like Lady Sansa Lannister

This could end quite well for them in relation to their primary goal. However, she had to take King Tommen I with her and give up all her hopes for power (her secondary goals).

Her best option would be to flee to Casterly Rock, where she would be protected by the Lannister House banner people. As above, she would die in her absence. She would put her house to shame, but she has shown that she doesn't care. The successor of King Tommen I could decide to declare war on the Westerlanders in order to bring them to justice. If so, her family or banner people could hand her and Tommen over to prevent a war. Tommen would be safe, probably as the hostage of the new king, who was renamed "Tommen Waters".

Standing process

Given that she is indeed guilty of the charges and the evidence is overwhelming, she would almost certainly be found guilty and likely sentenced to death. Depending on who is chosen as the new king (Stannis would be an obvious choice if he was just a little more alive), King Tommen I would be tried as a traitor but possibly found innocent due to his young age. In that case, he would remain hostage to the new king, who was renamed "Tommen Waters".

Standing test by battle

If she loses the attempt, the results are as above. If she wins the lawsuit, she is legally innocent. She will still have lost much influence after her path of shame, but King Tommen I is safe and his legitimacy has been proven once and for all. This is the best option she can hope for in order to achieve both her primary and secondary goals.

Only a man of the Kings Guard can stand up for a member of the Royal Family, and after Ser Barristan Selmey was released and Ser Jaime Lannister lost his sword hand, all men of the Kings Guard were quite incapable. That is, until the mysterious Ser Robert Strong joined just in time.

Obviously a zombified Ser Gregor Clegane.

She has never seen Ser Robert Strong fight, but he's her best option. I mean who will fate call to face it? Lancel Lannister?

Well, Sandor Clegane, as speculated in other answers, but Cersei doesn't know.

Cersei, who had not been a queen regent for some time, had two remaining sources of power:

  • The many friends she surrounded herself with, most of them dishonest flatterers.
  • The fact that "King Tommen I commissioned you to rule for him".

Given the loss of face due to her shame, most of her "friends" will have left her, and since Lord Kevan Lannister has been back in Kings Landing for some time, he has certainly established firm control over King Tommen I for the good of the King and the Empire.

It would be a shame if something happened to him.

It is likely that Lord Kevan will keep them under constant surveillance to prevent them from doing anything that further dishonors or weakens King Tommen I or House Lannister, or offends their House Tyrell allies.

If Cersei truly values ​​her children's lives and fears the prophecy, she should kill herself.

That way, she would make sure she couldn't see her children dead, which makes it impossible for the prophecy to come true.

If it turns out that her death is not suicide but, for example, House Tyrell (just because) or House Martell (these guys are sneaky poisoners), she will likely be remembered as an innocent victim of the conspiracy and she will become a son King Tommen I remain (fulfillment of their secondary objective).


Cersei has another option: try to defeat the tall sparrow in his own game by discrediting him in public and then dropping him off. Everyone has their weaknesses. The High Sparrow cannot be seduced by promises of wealth or power, but there has to be something else Cersei could use as a lever. He could be blackmailed or various rumors could be invented and spread to question his character. Varys would have been the person who made it happen, but since he's in Essos, Petyr Baelish or even Lady Tyrell could be of use.


She had to be pretty subtle about it; People would never believe such rumors if they suspected Cersei. She tried this once to defend herself against the accusations of King Stannis I with little success.


Yeah, she'd have to be smart, which Cersei isn't. But planting a seed of doubt in people's minds could be effective in the long run. Other options: outdo the tall sparrow in acts of kindness and charity, or just bribe the good folks at King's Landing. However, this could backfire as the public doesn't like Cersei.


What if Cersei secretly supported a "competitor" of the high sparrow, who seems to be even more pious and generous (and more charismatic) than the high sparrow? Perhaps this competitor would publicly call for trials of those who follow the faith after rumors of wrongdoing were raised. With her wealth, Cersei would find it easy to create convincing witnesses out of nowhere.


+1 Fantastic summary of your current options. Just one question, why should Tommen get the bastard name Waters? I would think if Cersei were found guilty, Tommen would be stripped of his Baratheon name and given Lannister or the pointy end.