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Singapore's location: At the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, connected to Malaysia by two long bridges.

Geography: 704 sq km. From east to west 42 km, from north to south 22 km. (Smaller than Hamburg!) 4.6 million inhabitants, 75% of them Chinese.

Climate: Hot and humid tropical climate. Average temperature 24 to 32 degrees, at night 19 degrees. From November to January monsoon rainy season with short, warm showers.

Religion: Buddhist 51%, Christian 15%.

Language: English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil.

Currency: Singapore dollar. 1 SGD about 0.50 euros.

Entry: Passport. No visa required for Germans, duration of stay 30 days.

Means of transport: 12,000 taxis, plus buses and metro.

Accommodation: Over 70 hotels of all categories, mostly centrally located.

Customs regulations: Do not bring any tobacco products into the country! A pack of 20 cigarettes costs around 6 euros in Singapore, and each cigarette must have a customs stamp. Cigarettes without customs stamp: 250 euros fine.

Other regulations: Eating, drinking and smoking on public transport is dearly punished. Malicious behavior by men towards women can result in imprisonment or flogging. Throwing rubbish (including cigarette butts) on the street costs a lot of punishment.

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