Did testosterone increase your sex drive

Testosterone fires the libido again

When the desire for love fades

Advertising, movies or music videos can hardly do without erotic images, promises and fantasies today, they paint a highly erotic picture of society. But the reality is different. The latest studies show: For many women and men, sexual desire does not play such a large or only a subordinate role. In men, too, there is a wide range of causes behind this - from illness, emotional stress and stress to a testosterone deficiency.

Sometimes the desire for sex is lacking or it is just weak. Two to three decades ago, the common, now outdated, term for it was frigidity, which is said to have been the main problem for women. Today, however, sex medicine specialists and psychologists know that such a loss of libido (lat. Libido: = desire, desire, instinct) affects both sexes. A recent study from the University of Southampton1 shows that 34 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 59 have little or no interest in sexuality. But: 15 percent of men have no or only a very weak libido. The sexual phenomenon occurs surprisingly early and pronounced between the ages of 35 and 44. But also before and after a lack of desire becomes a problem for 10 to 20 percent of men2. This can become an enormous burden for your partnership, because fulfilled sexuality is just as important for a happy relationship as financial security or the same interests.

When should men have their testosterone status checked?

The libido is different in every person. The individual pleasure rhythm is controlled by the psyche and the body's own sex hormones. Sexologists always speak of a disorder when the person concerned has been suffering from it for several weeks. In the male sex, for example, the side effects of drugs, such as antidepressants or antihypertensive agents, may be the cause. But too much alcohol and stress, together with the naturally declining production of the sex hormone testosterone over the years, can also trigger the lack of sensuality. Early warning signs of a hormone level that are too low include declining muscle strength, sweating, hair loss, fatigue, sleep disorders or mood swings. However, these signals are often ignored or blamed on too much stress. It is better to see a urologist or andrologist instead. Because almost every twelfth has a clear testosterone deficit3 (Hypogonadism). Not only does this affect your libido, it can also be harmful to your health.

Modern medicine can compensate for hormonal deficiencies

Because a proven testosterone deficiency can, for example, reduce bone density or increase the risk of the dangerous metabolic syndrome with obesity, high blood pressure, impaired lipid metabolism and diabetes, modern medicine has therapeutic options ready. For example, the hormonal deficit can be compensated for by applying a testosterone gel externally. The gel is precisely dosed as required using a pump dispenser and applied to the skin of the shoulders or upper arms. The skin cells store the active ingredient and release it evenly into the bloodstream over 24 hours. In this way, the testosterone level is raised again to a normal, physiological level after a short time. Men benefit from an individual hormone balance not only through an increasing libido, improved erectile function and a more positive mood. Their health is also positively influenced. In this way, the organs are supplied with more oxygen, physical strength and muscle mass increase and excess weight, especially on the stomach, can be more easily broken down.

Further information and a testosterone deficiency self-test are available on the Internet at www.mannvital.de.

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