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Horseshoe Lake: Wasserwacht sees dangers for swimmers in the development plan

by eseppelt November 18, 2018

The new development plan for the Horseshoe Lake is now also causing criticism from the water rescuers of the DRK. This sees considerable dangers for the health and life of water sports enthusiasts
and bathers.

The development plan provides, among other things, a wakeboard facility, areas for cutter oars and a holiday village.

More and more people are drowning in Germany. It is important to keep lakes open where people, and especially children, can swim. The horseshoe lake is a traditional one. Bathing water and must be preserved as such.

“In addition, the operational capability of the already approved water rescue station would be severely hindered if this plan were to be implemented. Exit and deployment routes would be blocked in an emergency, and athletes could hardly be rescued in the event of danger. Recreational swimmers who want to use the lawn on the golf course would also be at risk because the safety distance to the planned driving areas of motor boats and other sports boats is far too small. We are also alarmed because these boats are our DRK
Rescue divers come much too close and endanger them considerably, in the worst case they could be fatally injured ”, said the chairman of the DRK water rescue service in Halle, Dr. Sven Thomas.

“With all due understanding for the wishes of nearby sports clubs: We expect that swimming in Hufeinsensee will remain possible. Priority must be given to bathers and their safety. Priorities in the planning process are required here, ”he demands.

As a solution, the water rescue hall submits the proposal that a priority area for swimmers in the northern area of ​​the Horseshoe Lake, including a safety distance to boat traffic areas, be designated.

According to its own information, the water watch has already pointed out its concerns to the city administration. A response to this is pending. The development plan is to be dealt with in the city council on November 21, 2018 under item 7.14 of the agenda

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