Investing in education is the best investment

Education for our children is the most important investment in the future

CDU member of the state parliament Frank Steinraths:

CDU member of the state parliament, Frank Steinraths, is again a member of the cultural policy committee in the new legislative period of the Hessian state parliament, in addition to the petitions committee and the committee for science and art.

Almost 24 million euros for the Lahn-Dill district

The school authorities run the schools and thus the Lahn-Dill district also pays for the spatial and material costs of running the school. The tasks also include the construction, maintenance, expansion and repair of the school buildings.

“Pupils, teachers and parents from Waldsolms to Haiger can be pleased that the Lahn-Dill district can invest almost 24 million euros in its schools thanks to“ KIP macht Schule ”. Because Hessen is still tackling it! ", Says Steinraths.

“KIP macht Schule!” Is made up of a federal program for financially weak municipal school authorities, a state program for school authorities who are not considered financially weak, and each of the municipalities own share of the investments. The Lahn-Dill district has an investment volume of 23,899,879 euros available through the federal program. 17,924,879 euros flow as a federal grant. For the municipal contribution of 5,975,000 euros, the state is providing a loan through the Hessen Economic and Infrastructure Bank. The state assumes the interest payments for the district.

How much money each individual school authority can invest through “KIP macht Schule!” Can be seen from an interactive map of Hessen at