Are Google Hangouts recorded Why

Record Google Hangouts video and audio calls

Google plans to shut down its Messenger Hangouts in 2020, which means we won't be able to make video and phone calls through Gmail or Hangouts after that. But don't worry, dear Hangout fans, because the new apps Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat will take its place.

It is often helpful Record video meetings or one-on-one conversations using Hangoutsso that you or your colleagues can look back at them.

We would like to give you the following two very easy ways that you can record calls from Hangouts including your computer screen, each participant's webcams, and audio.

Record video and phone calls from Google Hangouts

The first method uses a program that allows you to record your screen and sound - such as the FonePaw Screen Recorder. This program allows you to record both phone calls and video calls from Google Hangouts (web version), Hangouts Meet, and other Hangouts services. You can then save your recording in the following formats, among others: MP4, MP3, MOV and AAC. And that's how it works:

Tip: You can also use FonePaw Screen Recorder to record calls from Skype and record Facebook calls.

Record a Google Hangouts video

Step 1. Download FonePaw Screen Recorder for Windows or Mac on your computer.


step 2. Open the program and click Record Video.

step 3. Select the area you want to record; in this case, your Hangouts window. Right click Recording mode > Define and record a widget and select the Hangouts window. All other activities that you carry out in other programs during the call, such as reading e-mails or opening documents, are not recorded with this setting.


  • If you want to adjust the recording area while recording, navigate to Settings> Recording> Let the recording area move while recording.

  • You can minimize the menu bar during recording if you do not want it in the picture.

Step 4. Turn on system sounds and microphone to record both your own voice and those of the participants.

Step 5. As soon as the call starts, click on REC and the recorder will start recording the call, including the sound and picture. To start and end the recording of your Hangout conversation automatically, you can “Set the recording time”.

After you have finished your conversation and the recording, you can play back the recording and save it in MP4, MOV or WMA format, among other things.

Record a Google Hangouts audio call

You can also use FonePaw Screen Recorder to record a conversation through Hangouts in audio format.

Step 1. Open the program.

step 2. click on Record audio. Turn on the system sound and microphone, and adjust the volume as desired.

step 3. When you're ready, click REC.

Tips on how to record good quality Google Hangouts

It can often happen that problems arise during your conversation. In order to record high quality video, you should pay attention to the following things:

  • Test your webcam or external camera and microphone before starting the call.

  • Have your conversation at one quiet placeso that no background noise is picked up.

  • Close any programs you don't needto improve your computer's performance.

  • Before the conversation, do a test recording with FonePaw Screen Recorder so you know what to click on.

Record meetings through Hangouts Meet

When you host a video conference using Hangouts Meet, you have access to the built-in video recorder, which can record both the participants' voices and the documents presented and can only use one window.

tip: If you are not the organizer of the video conference and want to record the conversation, you can easily do this with a video recorder.

To record a video conference using Hangouts Meet, follow these steps:

Step 1. During the conference, click on the three-dot menu> Record meeting.

step 2. The recording will begin and everyone will be notified that the meeting is being recorded.

step 3. To end the recording, click again on the three-point menu> Stop recording. Your recording will then be found in your Drive account My filing > Meet records saved.

Can you record Google Hangouts conversations?

Yes, it is possible and very easy with a recording program like FonePaw Screen Recorder. However, make sure that you do not start a recording without the consent of all participants and inform them of the purpose of the recording.

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