What is poverty and its causes

What is poverty

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Poverty - what does it mean?

Poverty means having a lack of essential things. So not enough food, warm clothes and living space. But poverty can also mean too little attention and care.

In recent years there have been more and more poor people and that also means: there are more and more poor children.

Children are poor because their parents are, and this can have many different causes.

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  • Material poverty: Material poverty means not having enough money, food, clothing and housing.
  • Emotional poverty: Sometimes adults have little time for their children or cannot show them affection, that is, they do not listen to the children or do not hug them and comfort them when they are sad. Whenever children are neglected and left alone, there is talk of "emotional poverty".
  • Socio-cultural poverty:Poor people are often excluded from society. Because they have no money, they cannot take part in communal leisure activities or cultural offers such as concerts or theater performances - that excludes them.

Poor in a rich country?

The most common cause of poverty is unemployment. In some countries there is not enough work for everyone. But people can also become unemployed because the company they work for has to close.

Some people work all day and yet their wages are insufficient to support themselves or their families. Sometimes not even if they also have a part-time job. A wage that is too low can not only be the cause of material poverty, it can also mean that people cannot spend much time with their families because they have to work a lot.

Family emergencies can also trigger poverty. For example, after a separation or divorce of the parents, money can become scarce if the salaries are not enough for two apartments.

Did you know?

TheOctober 17th is all about the global fight against poverty. In 1992 the United Nations made this day"International Day for the Eradication of Poverty" explained.