What does Revelation 2 17

The hidden manna and the white stone

To him who overcomes I will give of the hidden manna; and I will give him a white stone, and on the stone a new name will be written that no one knows but the one who receives it. (Revelation 2:17)

The above passage is the promise of a very great reward which all Saints will rejoice in in the heavenly glory to come. The manna commemorates the Son of God who came down from heaven. It is "the living bread that came down out of heaven" (John 6:51). He has come to know all of our circumstances on earth, and we feed on him as we walk through this world.

However, this verse promises us the "hidden manna" when we will be in heaven. During their journey through the desert, the children of Israel fed on the manna and gathered it up to meet their exact daily needs, just as we feed on Christ every day. But they should also put a certain amount of manna in a golden jar before the LORD (Exodus 16:33; Hebrews 9: 4). This is a picture of the memory of all that Christ went through here on earth as the suffering and humble Son of man; in heaven this memory will nourish our fellowship with God.

We will admire the vast multitude of the redeemed in heaven. We might think that each of us is just an unknown person who goes down in the heavenly crowd. But no! Knowledge of the new name branded on the white stone is a secret between the recipient and his Redeemer. For each individual, it testifies to the recognition of Christ and of our place with him in glory - just like the loving names we sometimes give one another in our families. Such names are kept within the family circle and are not used in public. The same intimacy and communion will exist between every believer and the Lord Jesus in that day.

[Translated by Rebecca Nölle]

B. Reynolds

Source: www.bibelstudium.de/articles/2917