How does a very intelligent person behave?

When you are smarter than the others

“I had few friends at school,” says the gifted Heinrich Siemens. With that he fulfilled a cliche, With the particularly intelligent person often have to fight: loner to be. With his chaotic flat approved he a second cliché.

In Germany you are considered gifted if you have an IQ of over 130. Because then the value is higher than at 98 percent the population. Siemens has an IQ of over 140. Siemens has only known for a few years that he is gifted. But that didn't surprise him. Siemens says: “I really enjoy doing Brain games and Puzzles. I had already noticed that I was doing it clear I'm faster than others. "

Siemens also understands some things more quickly in everyday life. He doesn't tell everyone immediately about his giftedness. But he kept silent she neither. “I have had a lot arroganceaccused“He says. Another prejudice against particularly intelligent people: social abnormality. "I hope that I don't live up to this stereotype of the gifted," says Siemens with a laugh.

Even if he sometimes has to struggle with the prejudices of his fellow human beings - he thinks that his giftedness is more like one enrichment as one burden is. That is why he advises anyone he thinks to be particularly intelligent to take an IQ test. Anyone who feels different than the others can do it more easily bypassif he knows the reason for it, says Siemens.


gifted - particularly intelligent

IQ, -s (m.) - short for: the intelligence quotient; a value that can be used to determine how intelligent someone is

to meet someone / something - vote in relation to someone / something; be right

Cliché, -s (n.) - the prejudice; the general opinion of something

struggling with something - have problems with something; have to endure something

Loner - someone who has no contact with other people and often lives alone

chaotic - messy; so that something is very confused

to confirm something - here: show that a guess about something is correct

Percent, -e (n.) - a part of a hundred; the amount

Thinking game, -e (n.) - a task that can only be solved by thinking a lot and that is only solved for fun

Puzzling, -en (f.) - a task that can only be solved through a lot of thought

clear - here: a lot

withholding something - deliberately not saying something

arrogance (f., singular only) - the fact that someone thinks they are better than others

to blame someone - criticize someone for something; here: saying that someone is behaving in a negative way

social conspicuousness, -en (f.) - the fact that someone's behavior towards other people is abnormal and assessed as negative

enrichment (f., singular only) - a good, helpful experience that makes something better

Charges (f.) - something that is difficult to endure; something that makes life harder

deal with something - know how to behave with something

Questions about the text

1. What is
no Cliché mentioned in the text? All gifted ...
a) are not neat.
b) find that their intelligence makes life harder.
c) don't have many friends.

2. Heinrich Siemens ...that he is gifted.
a) already knew in school
b) likes to tell people
c) wasn't surprised

3. Siemens has often been accused of ...
a) has prejudices against other people.
b) thinks he is better because he is more intelligent than other people.
c) withholding his special ability from other people.

4. Which sentence position is Not possible?
a) Siemens also understands some things faster in everyday life.
b) Siemens understands some things faster, even in everyday life.
c) Siemens understands some things more quickly, even in everyday life.

5. Which sentence position is Not possible?
a) That didn't surprise him.
b) That didn't surprise him.
c) Didn't that surprise him.

Work order
There are many free IQ tests available on the internet. Find one and make it. Then tell the others in the course what kind of tasks are being set there. Do you think that you can really measure a person's intelligence with such a test? Discuss it.