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Epigraph: where to find out how much and how to earn on a blog + create a blog that just repeats everything for leadership.

Friends hello! In this article I want to tell you all the most terrible truth about blog income, namely how much you can really earn a month on your blog! Everything below also applies to locations.

Do you plan to make your blog and your fact, once you do it, once you do it, not much time will happen - it will start bringing good income? Type advertising Google AdSense, affiliate programs, etc. No? And you probably already have your blog, of course you deserve a penny, but you want to keep earning Hind in the future in huge incomes?

No again? Are you already making big bucks on your blog? Excellent, respect. Then I think I won't tell you anything new. This post is mostly the porters, the guys and girls who think that if they have their own blog they can float on it!

By the way, I know why a lot of people think if you have your blog on the internet, you can make a few thousand dollars a month sitting on the Pope and smoking bamboo. Everything is simple - the empty chatter of every guru on the internet in different forums etc., or "super mega" SEO optimizers who teach about different SEO chips, search engine algorithms, updates, guess something, prove something and etc. And at the Site presence is self-raising and doesn't top the TIC with PR as they were on zeros and get up and get up!

Laughter in one word! In general, everyone writes beautifully and promisingly, but the terrible truth, as always, no one opens! I'll be first

So! I know if you are here then the question that interests you - how much can you make money on your blog? I will answer! Differently! And a lot and a little! Much and little - the concepts for everyone are different. Let's tell my vision personally on the blog result!

People who are making millions of blogs today (millions of people, not money). The question is different from what you deserve. I divide all of these people into 3 categories:

1. People earn a penny that shoots up even with electronic internet accounts making no sense simpler hosting. Expand for a month \ u003d).
2. People who deserve blog, pretty not bad, they have enough for life, they may not work, and the blog for them is the main source of income.
3. People who earn a lot! Big money, thousands and tens of thousands of dollars a month and more!

Everyone wants so much, but why are 80% of the guys and girls who make their blogs a penny, 15% make good and only 5% make a lot? There are many reasons for that. If you take one area of ​​life in general, then the ratio of roughly the same 80/20 as anywhere in the same 80/20 is the law of nature. \ u003d)

Like any non-cool lawyer, not all will be super mega-bloggers making tens of thousands of bucks a month! It's a fact!

As there how much tells about how much you can make money on blog, you should know how to make money on blog. The main always and still will be for a very long time 3 ways to make money:

Cause # 1: linen !!!

EVERYTHING!!! More reasons No you can't argue with me! Usually everything happens in the following way. A man fired with a desire to create his blog, create it, run it, work on it and think everything is fine, easy and smooth! He writes a week, two, three, a month, two months - there are not a thousand dollars a month, continues writing - there is no great income, there is no great income, continues writing - and again no money will flow.

"Yes, everything is in Fig. 1," he says, lowering his hands. Why? Idleness!!! Most people want everything to be quick and immediate, and it doesn't happen!

To blog competently, you have to write on it constantly (if there is a chance every day) and most importantly, be of high quality and unique! Many simply do not have time for it (although in what need there is no time, and the night to what?).

To write to the blog you need to know what you are writing and lots of writing abbins that they write, what they write, what they do not know or just copy, repeat and paste someone else's text on your blog. To successfully love this case, the writing materials must be in pleasure, and many must write because they need ...

Some guys don't believe in their strength either. When you look at other cool blogs, this is how you think - "LLC, I'll never take anything of this level." Crap friends! You can aim above, just learn! Oh yes study and be lazy, I forgot. \ u003d) In general, the blog is very serious and very difficult to believe! BUT! If it's in a buzz, everything is a lot easier!

OK! You have a strong desire, you are ready to act, you have decided on the subject of your blog, you know what to write on it, you understand that it is difficult, the blog takes a lot of time, etc., etc. what comes next And now terrible truth! =)

Question: how much can you blog? I answer - almost nothing on the Zero blog! "In the sense of zero, nothing?" - you ask. I will answer. If your blog is visited by a small number of people per day (10-100 people) as well as Titz and PR of your blog on nichos on zeros, don't wait for big returns!

The guys earn a lot with highly visited blogs, because advertisers benefit from such blogs, their advertising in such blogs. Understandable thing - the higher attendance, the more people will see advertisements! Mostly they are banners. With affiliates the exhaust is more.

Google Adsense and Yandex Direct think the same way. The better than the resource, the higher its presence, the higher the TIC and PR, the more% will get the owner of the blog on which advertising is posted.

Here the company X is releasing some new product Or has some kind of services on the internet. She has to advertise. What resources does it suggest to include your banner or write an entire post about your business and pay for advertising?

Those who are present by 100 people or 1000-2000 people a day? I think you are rushing at who. Who is present upstairs, of course. And some companies pay the COOS for a whole contribution.

Here is another example - posting (links). Most of the time, people buy posts on these blogs that have great TICs and PR. I know that a lot of novice bloggers don't even know how to make money through references (posts), and in general, what a posner is \ u003d). Well, explain.

Every blogger wants to get their TIC and PR on. About how it's done on the internet. What should you raise? So I said - they don't pay zero money. The main way to collect TIC and PR is to buy links (posts) on link exchanges (Rotapost, Gogetlinks, Blogun, etc.)

Why do you need it Look here. Let's say there is a Blog-X attendance of 3,000 people per day on the internet and PR-5, TIC - 800. This is actually a cool blog for you to aim for. There is also a blog-y visit on the internet, of which 10 people per day, Titz and PR \ u003d 0.

I think this is a very young blog that just appeared. So. How This Blog y Can Raise Your TIC and PR with a Blog X X. Very easy. Blog y can go to Rotapost, Gogetlinks or Blogun, find Blog X or any other blog with high-tic indicators, PR, similar topics, etc. And say "Blog X Public Puie your blog link to my blog and I will pay it 200r for example."

If the blog on your blog agrees to a link to blog Y, then google Robot or Yandex index afterwards. The authority of blog Y will grow very strongly or the TIC and PR will increase, and the blog itself will be in the search results to raise.

Of course, the blog doesn't decrease with one link, but with several bold links for everyone! Result - blog x with high attendance and great indicators from TIC and PR earns a zero blog y pays money! Clear? I think it's clear! Well, now you know how to monetize links (posts) and relax your blog with their help. \ u003d)

Now ATTENTION !!! Another question that newcomers to the blogosphere are asked - is it necessary to invest in the blog to run it or can you do it all yourself? I want to answer this question as I see it. Here again 2 options.

1. Very hard to share the blog yourself. Do you think I can promote the blog without putting in it, not a penny takes more than a year. This is related to increasing TIC and PR for all that all who want to make money on the blog want to strive for it.

Elevating blogging isn't a problem - write clear, unique articles about all the basic SEO rules that people will like and you will be high attendance, but here to blog you need high tic and pr.

Per how I write articles I've written here - "" For 3 months of existence my blog grew to 350 people a day just thanks to articles!

In short - to spin the blog on your own - that's a robbery on the back (you're sitting at the computer and floating) as well as the wound of the wounds. I've stayed in the hospital once before because I've had enough, I've had enough. I do not advise you the same.

2. Split a blog fee. For this, be prepared not to invest a thousand rubles a month in it! Advertisement, banners, purchase instructions, instructions for catalogs, etc. Generally only 12500r to get into Yandex catalog.

Friends, blogging is the same business that you first invest money, hit your attachments, and then it starts to profit! The first year and a half is ready to invest money in your blog, all of your possible income from affiliate programs google advertising. Adsense as well as Additional Investments Etc Will Go To Promote Your Blog!

Yes friends! Very not easy! It is necessary to work very seriously, learn, gain experience, put the soul and money! But then your blog will bring in the money that many don't even gamble!

Here is such a terrible truth alas and ah! And you were probably already excited? Well nothing. There is grief in life, it is better a bitter truth than a sweet lie !!!

Well, in the late little motivation for you. Such as, for example, you can earn a blog per month, the participation of 3000-5000 people per day and TIC indicators - 500-800 and PR -4-5. The blog is posted in the Yandex catalog and in the DMOZ.

I recently did my own analysis of a few websites and came up with such approximate numbers:

Total at least: 30 + 10 + 20 + 15 \ u003d 75 tr. Per month! Cool? I think so!

Is it something to strive for, not to strive for? I don't know about you, but I'm going to go into these numbers and more! And how much to go I do not know. Everyone goes in different ways. Someone year and someone 10 years old. \ u003d) You yourself ask the pace!

Here is a parable:

Somehow once a traveler in the direction of the city and sees the street sits a legend. Approached him and asked:
- How long can I go to town?
- "GO" answered Skapor the sage.
Offended by such an answer, the traveler asked again:
- How old can I go to town?
The sage said again: "" You go, go "... the traveler thought," "The old man has already moved very, very much, I cannot answer:" I did not go any further.
After a few steps, his speech aura catches on:
- At this speed you go, you go 2 days.

Sincerely, Alexander Borisov

Almost all of us have a computer that is connected to the internet. On the one hand, we know that with it you can watch the movie in the evening, chat on the social network, check emails and do a different number of actions. At the same time, few people are told about other options. global network. For example, you can create a blog and make money. It could take some free time, somehow entertaining and also generate sales. How to make money on your own blogwe will talk in this article.

We get income without leaving home

The fact that making money without leaving your own room is a reality, today they speak every corner. At various sites, banners offer us to try to start an income on the network, recommend opening our own internet business for the numbers of minutes, and so on. Even so, the one who immediately suspects something that is unlikely in such calls and slogans is falling, as the result with investments and miscellaneous is a risky lesson that can ultimately rob you of your own savings.

However, there is another way to make money on the internet. It can be proven because today many people use them. At the same time, it cannot guarantee 100% income generation. Rather, it will be like this: To make at least some money this way, you really have to work. So it just depends on you, it will turn out something or not. We're talking about the idea of ​​creating a blog.

What is a blog

You have probably heard this word and a derivative of it - "blogger". Just by the design of the term, you can guess that we're talking about the guy who runs the blog. This is usually engaged in public figures, celebrities, political scientists and only those who have something to say on this or that topic.

So what is the blog? This is a website or page where a person writes their thoughts. The blog structure is expressed in the records, which consist of text and sometimes graphic material. That way you can post your ideas, tips, make your own choices, and post a lot of other material. In fact, create a blog and write anyone anyone can write. The main thing is that it is interesting for potential readers to go, read and comment as much as possible. The more visitors there are, the more successful your will will be.

What should I write on the blog?

Blog subjects can be any. As already mentioned, the main thing is that the topic you have in other people you choose and find them and find out the solution to our problem, read the results of your observations or just read something interesting and new for yourself.

For example, if you're the other person dreaming of opening up their own business, they'll read your resource, review content, and be happy to ask bloggers (i.e., for you) questions to learn even more of the subject of interest. This communication of communication between the site owner and subscribers is quite normal and benefits everyone. Speaking of subscribers and readers, it should be noted useful information about what they will find with you. As for the blogger himself, you can at least say a new experience for yourself here, about some recommendations and estimates that come from the visitors. Also, don't forget about commercial interest, after all of the questions about how to make money on a blog, you may come across TENS, if not hundreds of answers. The key here is the popularity of the resource because it decides what amounts we can talk about. It's one thing - if you have a blog that you run knows a hundred people who are constantly committed to it, and it's quite another - if you have thousands of loyal subscribers. It should be understood that each of them are potential buyers for the advertiser that you state you are recruiting. The formula is simple: the more visitors, the more money.

Is it possible to create a blog?

This question can be answered positively. In addition, the result of the blog stimulates the author to further develop your resource, make it more interesting and useful for visitors. After all, a certain vicious circle is maintained: the more interesting the blog, the more people will go to it and be happy to look for information. A large number of visitors, in turn, increases the income that your resource will bring you. In summary, great result. You will be adding to the investment of intellectual work on your blog which further includes growing attendance.

If you are interested in the question of how much can you make a blog it is quite difficult to answer.After all, it all depends on both the resource itself and how you want to get an income. So you can publish billable records advertising information, place advertiser banners, leave affiliate links. You can do all of this as automatically with specialized affiliate programs and directly contact advertisers. But above all, of course, it should create an interesting blog. How can I make money on the internet so you can think about it later.

How can you start creating a blog?

Before running your resource, you should decide on its topic. For that, you need to rummage through my head what is mentioned and understand what really interests you, what you can talk about infinitely. Determine what topic you are ready to work on in your spare time. Now that you've answered all of these questions, it's time to decide what to write on your blog.

Aside from working on the idea, we understand a little bit about how to keep your own blog from a technical point of view. It's easy enough to do - all you have to do is decide whether you're ready to invest in launching such a resource and of course, give your support. From this point on it will depend on what to start blogging - on the choice of the domain, CMS and the choice of hosting for him or on the registration on free platform, there are many people now.

Deciding which of the options is right for you from the point of view of the starting point of the starting point, you need to start populating your site. Of course, ideally, it is necessary to do it gradually to re-lay out materials, and not all at the same time. You can also use tricks like Publish Challenge and Thought to create visibility. permanent activity. on the blog.

Two different types of blog startup

In this paragraph we talk in more detail about how to start your own blog in relation to the process of the process. You can do it for free as well as money. Let's start first because sure because many users want to get started in the blogosphere without preliminary investments in the blogosphere.

There are many platforms on the internet that you can use to start work. In the example, you can understand your experience to understand how to create a blog. The most popular of these is WordPress.com, Blogspot.com, Blogger.com, LiveJournal.com. Aside from the one stated, there are many other smaller users who also offer many tools to keep their blog platforms on track. It's easy to work with them - just register an account, open your resource with simple fill in required data such as name, blog address, and you can start building with the first few records. As a rule, all of these services are free for general use, but for a fee you can hook up some functions such as a dedicated domain name or advanced functions. For example, if in the basic format you get the address of your site in the form of moyblog.wordpress.com, then after buying a domain name and binding it to the resource, your page will already be called moyBlog.com, which is much more concise and beautiful. Cost Similar Features Inexpensive For example, a separate domain costs $ 20 per year.

Another blog start is your own CMS as well as your hosting and domain. You can rent the hosting cheaply. So, at a cost of $ 1-5 per month, there are plenty of great options. The value of the domain depends on its zone. For example, in Zone.RU, the address costs 150 rubles (on average), while Fordason will have to pay about $ 15. Callback, domains are bought for one year. Blog Management Panel (CMS) You can get WordPress and Joomla for example for free. The downside to this option is that it ends up having to pay up to $ 30-50 a year to start the blog. However, you have new ways in which to make money on the blog. Ultimately, free services don't let you create all of the available income.

Registration of the personal blog

In addition to starting, a very important problem is the design of your blog. This applies to sections, tags, categories as well as additional pages make your resource more convenient and technical development design.

As you do this, keep in mind that as you are thinking about whether or not it is possible to blog, you shouldn't. Believe me, if your resource is interesting it will definitely bring you income. The main thing is to develop a blog so that he came to him, interested and read. IMPORTANT Here is the creation of a hierarchy of sections and categories. All of them need to be placed in such a way that the visitor can easily find the information they need.

If you are thinking about how you make money on the internet (especially on the blog) you need to be careful and professional design too. For a resource. MASSAY OPTIONS HERE: In the case of using free blog secretions, you are given templates to choose from and there are no problems with them. When you have your hosting and CMS, you can try designing yourself, buy a ready-made template, or order it with a designer specifically for his needs. It is important to understand that the phrase "meeting the clothes" applies to Internet resources as well. If navigating your blog is inconvenient, it is unlikely that it will attract many users. Everything must be done beautifully and thematically, but at the same time it is practical and easy.

First visitors

For example, let's say you started and started your own blog. Suppose also that the first visitors interested in your articles started coming into the site. The question arises: what to do next and still think about it. All you need to remember is an increase in attendance.

Multiple visitors per day can be changed into tens, if not hundreds, if you learn how to choose the right content to blog. To get such an effect, you need to study the technology promotion technologies, especially SEO optimization. This refers to information on choosing the right keywords, applying their density, frequency, hyperlinking, creating third-party resources, expanding the reference mass, etc. Yes, this topic can be quite complicated, but it is necessary for the ultimate resource to become more popular and went to a new level. It is also impossible to forget the time, for counting on sudden leap visits for the week or even for the month is naive. In order to handle the site on several hundred visits per day in the subject of the medium competition, it may be necessary for the year and even two. But then your task is the answer to the question of how you use your resource to make money on the Internet with your resource based on the specific daily presence. To find a solution by the way, it is very simple.

Idea results.

A blog is the right answer to the question "How to make money on the Internet." Really received and very tangible income - it is only worth looking at the resources that occupy the first positions in the ratings. Of course there are seasoned people now, but for the most part, their owners have started themselves with themselves. This suggests that if you really want to and work on your project, everything is real.

As mentioned above, there are many ways to make money on your blog. Let's try to group them by highlighting the main highlight.

  • This is a pretty popular option. He assumes the presence of many advertisers and large number of platforms for accommodation. The largest network that connects both and others can be called Google AdSense. Here, depending on the category of the blog and the country visitors come from, you pay a certain amount per click. For example, Russian clicks in the amount of $ 0.01-0.5 will be referenced by referencing the visitor's transition, while American, especially on more expensive topics, will already be $ 1-10. In addition to Adsense, there are other major platforms - Yandex Direct and Started.
  • Score on affiliate programs. This niche is just immense, so it's a great way to make money for the blog. Affiliate programs allow you to get a percentage of the sale of goods and services. For example, if you have a blog about dogs, you can sign up for an affiliate program (For example, AdssitaD.com - the largest Russian network) and join the pet shop, trading accessories for dogs. Usually pay 10-20% of the order.
  • Accommodation banner advertising. This is a classic and fairly simple way to earn a blog that is solely resources with large attendance (at least from 1000 visitors per day). You can find a place in the "body" of the site directly through advertisements for visitors as well as through intermediaries, e.g. B. sell the ROTABAN.RU service.
  • Publish advertising records. For a blogger, this method works well for the reason that they can get involved in their favorite thing - writing articles while not thinking about how to blog in any other way. Promotional items written to attract readers' attention to new service. Or the product while blog banners and references don't "clog". Again, the cost of these recordings depends on the presence of the resource. Finding those who want to buy advertising in your posts can be direct through mediator services.
  • It can be a way to earn money not only on blogs but also on other internet resources such as forums or bulletin boards. The best option to find sponsors is one of the exchange rates. Now there are plenty of them - that's Saupe, Getgoodlinks, and others.

Opportunities and prospects.

In fact, answer the question of how much money earned on the blog that you can only be after reaching the site on certain indicators. Each website marks such parameters as attendance, subject, age, tic indicators and pr. The more the blog is developed, the more you can earn it. In addition, such income can be called passive, since everything that is needed from you will only periodically fill your resource with content (it is even not necessarily independent, since you can hire a person). You can increase the amount of promotional content by resorting to a little trick while not creating any inconvenience for visitors. For example, it is enough to develop special advertising locations that harmoniously fit into the structure of the entire site.

As for the prospects, they are grandosphere ambitious. It is enough to look to the west, where successful bloggers can make money on a new sports car for the year. It is possible that we will have such a tendency when advertising on the Internet on blogs costs enough to generate a high income.

If we say specifically for your blog and how much money make money on the Internet, then with increasing attendance you can constantly increase to a certain level. To do this, you need to further optimize your site, add new materials to it, conduct various experiments through social promotion, organize competitions among readers, etc. All of these can contribute to further resource development, strengthening of search engine position, as well as increasing advertising income.

To find out how the website can go, just check out the biggest blogs. For one topic or another available today. Most of them already have a permanent core of readers the size of several thousand people who actually bring them into the creators of thousands of dollars a month.

If you want to know how to make home income on the internet when you are reliably at home, albeit a pretty difficult type of blogging, try your strength in it! All it needs is to run your own resource, fill it in with your ideas and thoughts, and properly engage the readers.

Greetings friends!

On the Right Approach The result on your own blog is pretty real. The most important thing in the first stage is to competently build the site so that there are no obstacles to their promotion, so you can focus on writing posts and optimizing them properly. All of these will help you attract visitors. As you know, any traffic can be monetized. There are at least 10 ways to do this.

  • those in advance the strategy on the basis of which you want to monetize your website (via the income modes on the website, which we will undertake directly);
  • choose commercial themes that will bring a good profit from advertising;
  • pick a simple tight ball to take your niche, but not so much that in a month the idea for posts ended. You shouldn't fall into another extreme - to choose too competitive niche where there are millions more similar blogs. If you still have chosen this topic, try to pick up on the background of the competitors and write unique and interesting content that is not yet on other sites.
  • Another golden rule - the subject should be near and near. Just with this approach, blogging will not inhibit and you will not be throwing the blog too quickly.

How much can you earn from a newcomer?

The young blog (6 months) income from RTB blocks in OK is about 800-1100 rubles. in the month

The outcome of a blog largely depends on daily attendance and selected topics. On their way personal experience I can say that the first few months have to fill a blog on pure enthusiasm without expecting a cash equivalent.

To get at least some income, there must be at least 50-100 people per day. I heard from some bloggers that I had to invest in a blog for the first year so that it would finally beat the power embedded in it.

I will share my experience with you. I created this blog in 2015. I filled it with several articles, I threw it out in 3 months because the attendance did not increase in any way (there were no more than 30 people a day), and there was practically no income (a few cents with Google Adsense and one Art Partner) Programs). And so the story was repeated twice. After having the ton of books on the CEO and a number of work experience with a copywriter, I realized I was doing something wrong. The case was that I didn't optimize the articles properly, voting to competitive queries as if they were way behind the top 100 search engines and bringing practically no traffic. In addition, I had a Coryato blog on the WordPress (due to the use of the labels, too many duplicate pages and the site was under filter AGS.). Due to the lack of results from nested works, hands lowered completely, but I also wanted to be just right. In February 2017 I decided to continue the blog. I had to restore all the articles and sharpen them for other keywords. As a result, the presence immediately began to grow (perhaps the fact that the domain came out of the search engine sandbox, since it was already around 1 year at this point). I immediately linked Google Addsece so that the blog wouldn't be inactive without a case. Income was about $ 10 for the first month after recovery and has been growing at an average of 30-40% each month since then as attendance increases. After 10 months, the return in 30 days was $ 350 (about 21,000 rubles). Do not repeat my mistakes or waste time for nothing! Blog is good source of passive income, but it requires the game "in long". I only understood it now, after 2 years of solar arming, rehearsals and experiments :).

How To Make Money Blogging On The Internet: 10 Ways

If you don't know how to make money on your own blog, I am going to offer you 10 impeccable options:

  1. Contextual advertising on Yandex and Google search engines. You can connect to Google AdSense (adsense.google.ru) whenever the website is present. You can withdraw money you have earned with a nominal check, which can easily be cashed in the bank, as well as with the "Schnell" payment system. Partner of the Yandex advertising network (Partner2.YANDEX.RU), you can in the presence of at least 100 units per day for last month. With the help of ROPs, you can post advertising blocks from yandex.direct (payment for clicks) or in RTB format (payment for shows).
  2. Teaser advertising. On the website you offer teaser showcases, various clicks, pop orders, pop-up banners, screen savers and other advertising media.Here are the services you can connect to: VisitWeb.com, Yottos.com, Teasernet.com, SMI2.net, www.kadam.net.
  3. Partnership programs. Everything is clear here: you get a referral link from advertisers with your personal ID code and put it in your posts.
  4. CPA networks with payment for specific action. ad1.ru, epn.bz/de, adstiTad.com, cpagetti.com, lederbit.com/register/.
  5. Video display. Payment for webmasters can be done for shows as well as cliques. Moevideo, adopto.ru, advmaker.net/Formats/video/, partners.viboom.com/ru/, videonow.ru.
  6. Banner advertising. Payment can be for transitions or shows. You can receive promotional offers on Rotaban sites, Bannerd.ru, Ginads.com, Popunder.net/ru/, www.wizard-banners.com/banners/rates.html.
  7. Selling links. Sape.ru, gogetlinks.
  8. Include articles on your website from advertisers. The cost of the posts depends on the presence, tits and PR of the site, its reality through other references. Placing an item with an average cost of 80-200 rubles. You can find advertisers on the Rotapost, Miralinks websites.
  9. Put up direct advertising from advertisers. You can create a separate page on your blog by searching "Advertising Rules" and provide information about the cost and formats of the ads you receive. If advertisers are interested in your offer, they will contact themselves directly.
  10. Monetize the site with Link Reduction Services. Users, if you switch to their links, you will see an intermediate page with advertisements and you - get an income. Service to earn cllkme.com.

Blog or Site: Which is Better for the Result?

In contrast to the site, the blog is more individual; it is carried out on the person of its author, so it is more trusted by the readers. In such a supply of material there is something intimate and personal because the author shares his own experience, stares at life and opinions. Writing in every article, blogger invests part of his soul. Individuality and uniqueness are the main values ​​for readers.

If the author creates trust and sympathy, and the content is useful and interesting, then visitors are sure to become subscribers and regular readers. The blog is ideal for freelancers, politicians, specialists and experts in the specialist spheres, travelers, information business people, creative and public figures, leaders of opinions - everyone who wants to be more recognizable on the Internet receives an effective tool to attract customers and an additional source of income. The blog is far more willful for visitors to leave their comments, ask questions to the author, and engage in active discussions.

Locations are deprived of this component. But they can be better structured. Content can be ordered from copywriters. This option is suitable when you want to create large project in the form of a transportation point attracting large volume visitors and healing more general issues that do not require expert opinion.

Monetize the same skill both internet project options.

Where better to blog about earnings?

WordPress - comfortable and simple panel Blog Management Novice.

Blog for the result is clearly located to pay hosting to pass on. When choosing free engines, limit your project in search of promotional ability. and income. To keep the blog, you can choose any CMS for you or designers - UMI, WordPress, Joomla, Wix and others. In my opinion, the WordPress platform is best for bloggers as it has great functionality, simple user interface, infinite features to integrate with a lot of useful tools.

When choosing a hosting service, estimate your real financial ability to pay the monthly subscription fee. Many bloggers abandon their projects because they don't have the option to pay for hosting. First, you can pick up the low-cost tariff of minimum volume hard disk space (1 GB). After your project grows and starts making a profit, you can switch to a different hosting. Among the many offers of hosting providers you will find options with a minimum rate of 60-80 rubles per month (for example ProfitServer).

What blogs can you earn?

When choosing a niche for blogging, you should find out how appropriate it is for traffic monetization. How can you check it out?

Check the clique score for advertisers on Google Ads. and yandex.direct for those keywords that you insert into semantic kernel. Blog This is especially important if you want to earn primarily from contextual advertising. The higher the price of the click, the greater the webmaster's profit. The easiest way to do it in Yandex. Direct. Create an account, go to Personal Office and go to the Budget Forecast section. Select regions, multiple keywords and click the "Calculate" button.

In accordance with your target audience (gender, age, interests), think about what goods, services and services can be offered to your visitors with CPA networks that offer payment for the execution of the specified action - application, registration, purchase, order payment , Click, etc.
If you are planning to make money for affiliates, find several suitable suggestions ahead of time.

If you choose the price of the click minimal (less than 1 ruble) in the number, there are no advertisers, there are no suitable affiliate programs, the public is not interested in buying goods, then you have individual ways Monetization remains the placement of teaser showcases, customers, pop orders, banners with payment for shows and not for clicks. However, excessive yields should not be expected with this approach.

Income in the Command Fields: Traffic Monetization Blog

The choice of affiliates should be based on your target audience, their interests, and buying power as well as blog topics.

  • For blog about health, affiliate programs from pharmacies, medical centers, services writing to the doctor, online sports stores, slimming programs are suitable.
  • On business-themed sites you can find info products, bank offers on credit, deposits, cash management services, investment tools (forex, binary options, PIFES, etc.).
  • For blogs about fashion and beauty, the commercial partners of famous brands are ideal.
  • How do I make money on a culinary blog? For female topics, the LadyClick, Pay-Click, Marketgid are ideal.

Income on the blog: where to start

Before starting a blog, you need to create a website. To do this, just follow a simple instruction.

Look interesting video. How to Create a Blog on WordPress for 33 Minutes

How do I make money on a blog on Instagram?

If you want to keep your blog and get even more profit from it, you can copy the announcements for new articles on your account in Instagram. This will help you attract even more readers to the website and build your audience on the social network. On 7 Ways To Monetize Subscribers In Instagram, Read The Article In The Article.

How do I make money on a blog on YouTube?

If you are in parallel with creating new posts, you will record short video With Squeezing yourself valuable tips and post it on your blog and on your own channel In YouTube you can earn even more. I've already described all of the ways to monetize your channel.

How much and how to create a blog or on multiple projects? You can get from very kopecks to hundreds and millions of rubles. It all depends on the demand of the niche you choose, your experience in promoting, the budget you are willing to invest, and the literacy of their uses. Like, I have a separate article. In this material, we will assume that you have already attended a project and you want to earn it. Next - about how much and how to get income from it.

What is blog monetization?

How are they going to bring in money? For example, you place a third-party advertisement: contract the advertiser directly or through advertising networks. In this case, you earn money for the promotions that visitors will take:

  • will be announced;
  • click on it and go to the target site.
  • register on it;
  • buy, place an order in the advertiser's online store;
  • sign the newsletter and so on.

From which measures will you earn and how is the beginning of profit initially determined.

When is it better to post advertisements?

After creating a blog should just grow and relax. The first 3-6 months should be filled with useful articles, high-quality pictures, videos, comments. Need to gradually build reference ground And create announcements on social networks.

If you're still blogging but not confident in your abilities, I recommend getting acquainted with a powerful video course for newcomers- " Cyber ​​blogger"From Alexander Borisov. With him you will learn to promote and earn R 30,000 - 50,000. A month. Alexander is quite a well-known personality in bloggers, I have been following his successes for 5 years and he is not stopping his income Projects that his students create are works of art that also offer their owners a peaceful life.

After six months it is permissible to start monetizing affiliate programs. For example, an article is written under a certain product in the online shop, and the text is referenced to this product. After purchasing the goods in the advertising store, the commission will be charged to the partner.

Flag networks for blog profits

The size of the profit from banners varies depending on the topic and amount of traffic as well as contextual advertising and the placement location. Receive 1000 visitors per month every day, i. H. 3000 p. You get paid to have people crawl your pages that have banners placed on them.

Popular banner networks with payment for shows:

  • Rotaban.. The minimum supervision is 100 units per day. You can set restrictions and special conditions for advertisers. Profit, they are removed on the Webmoney wallets.
  • Adskape. . It is distinguished by the fact that there are more advertisers here. Minimum traffic - 1000 per day, benefit from i.Dengi and webmoney.
  • BodyClick. . Here you can earn with the help of teasers and banners. Requirements unbelievable making this banner network suitable for a low-streaming blog. They only need 50 units a day to take with you. At the same time, it is not possible to get a big profit with such meager traffic.

+ : Pay for shows, not clicks.

Team networks for webmasters

Edge networks take advantage of the owners of women’s blogs, news, entertainment and other topics. Audience that clicks on teasers - people are particularly gullible and cannot think critically. TIMERS are pictures with an attractive title. They sound quick to look at and cause a desire to click. Most common here are "gray" products such as looseness, means to quit smoking, "magic" methods of instant fortification, and so on; Less - "white" products.

Examples of the most popular Teserok:

  • Visitweb . The minimum of traffic to get a platform is 50 units per day, at least until the end - 15 r. Take large network projects on a theme including Adalt and Dorwea.
  • BodyClick. . We have already been mentioned above. Knock clicks on Tanfer from 0.3 p. Minimal - from 100 p. when retreating.
  • Kadam. . This is where blog owners earn 80% of the click costs, which is how the advertiser delivers. High quality platforms are accepted on paid or free hosting. of 500 units per day.

+ : easy installation blocks, relatively high impact resistance.

: Unpredictable Tizers (like adults) that can "subscribe" to the reputation of the blog in the eyes of search engine and ordinary users; inexpensive clique.

We earn selling courses on the blog

The best way to monetize your BrainChild is to create an InfoDucture and actively sell it to your subscribers and visitors. Not all of this is electrified, however. Someone Can't Create Someone To Sell ... However, you can always try to sell other people's info products and earn your percentage from them. It can be courses, books, webinars, video training courses, and other intellectual property. Such a monetology from the point of view of search engines is considered "white".

You can find affiliate programs from Inforoducen and post their reviews, set an affiliate link or a banner. An interested client clicks, buy, and you get a percentage off the sale or the fixed amount.

Where do you look for info-product measure houses?

  1. Directly in the search engine. Drive in Yandex, for example, a "video crew of a weight loss", and is done with the results of the output. Find sales pages. At the very bottom, the authors of the info products usually put the link "Partners", "Affiliate Program" etc., if they prefer to receive sales in this way.
  2. Through aggregators, partner information products. I can recommend. justClick service.: Here are the authors of the mailing on many subjects, and you can choose any course for advertising on the blog. Partners are provided with links and banners, promotional items, subscription forms and so on. This is very old and reliable service, with the one with which I have so far also worked and received payments without any problems, advertising courses on how to make money on the Internet. Also through Jastclin you can collect your own email base: this is an asset through which you will later earn on the sale of a large number of info products. Read More

Affiliate Program Monetization (PP)

Typically, they give multiple times more opportunities for blog revenue than contextual advertising, participation in banner and teaser networks.

How To Monetize Blog Affiliates:

  1. Which products, applications, games, courses or other products might be of interest to your project target group? Ideally, this should address the affiliate program. Now large amount of affiliate programs so the solution that is right for your traffic is not working.
  2. We take promotional materials and put them on the pages. When you collect the subscriber base, you can advertise something through the newsletter.
  3. We do an analysis: see the conversion of visitors how much you benefit. If not enough, change it to another PP or change promotional materials, improve them. We analyze, improve, improve and that's how long it hit the "ceiling".

You can post the same banners from the affiliate to the blog, but the profit from them will be more than working through banner networks. They can also create competent reviews of goods or services in their articles, give an affiliate link and thus direct a "hot" audience to buy. It works better than separate banners or widgets. If you test the product yourself and show how good it is in practice, you will trust you and the implementation of the sales.

Affiliates now mainly pay according to the revenue share system (percentage of all sales or other goals specified by the client you provide) or (fixed value for a specific promotion).

How much can you make money with a partner on your blog?

We need to take into account: the consistency of product requirements, quality of application processing in the affiliate program, quality of promotional materials, behavioral factors, etc.

Suppose the conversion from the buyer's visitor is 1%. Then 1 in 100 will result in a paid promotion. Suppose that under the CPA system, the affiliate pays for every sale of goods from 500 rubles. Total - every hundredth blog reader brings in 500 p.

Note that the conversion can be higher or lower. The remuneration is also very different depending on the subsidiary, topics, the demand for the product / service, the uniqueness of the offer. One of the successful review articles with an affiliate link on this blog brings in 3000-6000p. For a month, during traffic on it, 400 units for the same time interval. I confess: unsuccessful contributions are much more, but I am gradually repaying them.

+ : high income, you can choose PP in almost all popular topics.

: It is necessary to constantly monitor the relevance of links and promo, to optimize the conversion. PP can deceive the webmaster and not pay.

Sell ​​your blog services

Are you competent on a topic? Most likely, you have a certain formation, skill in the area that will be useful to others. If the articles show expert knowledge, contact a percentage of the readers for help. The main thing is to clearly register what services you indicate, how much they will cost.

For example, you are a clinical psychologist with experience. She writes informed articles for people facing life difficulties - family, work, loneliness, etc. When people see that your advice is really working, they seek out individual advice - offline, skype, or other avenues . That said, a blog is a way to make money for your own knowledge, in order to attract potential customers with expertise that causes their trust and sympathy.

I'm going to give an example of how else you can start earning on your own freelance services.

  1. You register as a seller of services on the exchange of Freilanz Kwork.
  2. Create your profile, create a Kvkin (this is your quotation service worth 500p.)
  3. Take part in the jumping partner: https://kwork.ru/partner.
  4. If you find a banner or ref link to your profile on this page, type in anywhere in the sidbar or on the "My Services" page on your blog.
  5. The customer sees your offer, is registered on the exchange partner link or a banner, fills in the balance and buys you a service.
  6. You get 3.5% of every transaction you make with the customer. In addition, you may receive income from it if it even works with other freelancers in the service.

You can post your contacts directly on the blog to earn money on customers without intermediaries. However, the exchanges are good because they have arbitration. You are insured of unpaid money as it will be frozen until the customer accepts your work. If he refuses, the disputes will be resolved through the exchange.

+ : High income, self-realization.

: it is not passive income, orders may not be permanent.

Blog and business offline

When a business exists offline, the blog can be not just a business card, but also the point of sale of a product. Here you can leave contacts, product information.

+ : Increased own popularity, creates a positive reputation due to expert articles, free customer attraction;

: To ensure the influx of customers, you need to constantly update the content, "feed" something that is useful to them. Of course, this takes time.

Collaborate with advertisers directly

This is a common practice. You can find companies that may be interested in advertising on your blog. Get out of the placement of reviews, banners or other content and get away from it.

+ : It is possible to sell a space for advertising very cheaply, and communication also helps to form useful bonds.

: Great temporary searches to search and communicate with advertisers.

Earnings on sales blog

Projects are sold for tens, hundreds, and even millions of rubles (especially successful). If you don't have time to create your creation, put it up for sale.

Examples of prices on the most famous Telderi exchange:

  • Page about gadgets.: TIC 20, traffic 503 Unica per day, 2752 p. - Income with Google AdSense, content - manually rewritten and copied paste. The cost of such a project - 64 500 rubles.
  • Author's blog Dacnis: Traffic - 53 Unica per day, income receives only from Google AdSense - only 83 p. Per month, TITZ 10. The author is ready to sell it for 5,375 p.

Not only can you sell blogs, but you can also buy, refine, and develop your advertising to have more passive income. As you can see, Telderi has many projects that their owners are selling due to lack of time for their development.

By the way, at this auction you can ask the price how many projects with one attendance or another in the niche you are interested in.

Increasing blog profit

Over time everything gets more expensive: hosting, domain, working copywriter. Hence, incomes need to grow. In order to constantly increase income, from time to time you can experiment with advertising blocks, their location and design.

It is also better to try new ad networks that have the price of the click. And of course, it is natural to develop in every possible way to earn more: write or buy more content, create groups on social networks. Search engines will see the resource keep growing, thanking the target traffic. Search engines See statistics. In order to have traffic, statistics should not show fall or stable right on the graph - it must be constant growth. Then the competitors cannot overtake.

One of the new ways to make money - blogging on the internet. Blog is an online diary, magazine. Its essence in the regular post of posts (entries) on any topic. At first glance, it seems impossible to deserve this. It's not like that: there are pretty real examples of people actually living on blog income. However, there are few such people because it is not that easy to make money from a blog. Few can conquer and watch the attention of a wide audience. And the result of blogging is not instant, but after a while.

Definitely try to make money on a blog. Perhaps your blog will generate a small income at first, and later you will become more than more. It all depends on your skills first. Second - on the correctness of your actions. You need to clearly understand what steps to take first and what to think through in order to monetize your blog. This is discussed in this article.

Subject blog and your audience

The first thing to think about - the topics covered in the blog. There should always be a specific topic on the blog. Because a blog about everything is a blog about everything at the same time. And with the help of such a blog, it is hardly possible to precisely attract permanent subscribers. The topic should be thought out well without a clear definiteness, it is not worth taking other steps to create a blog. Better to spend hours, days, and weeks but make decisions.

Criteria select the subject of several. Initially, it should attract you personally, the blog author. Finally, on to an uninteresting letter, although the popular topic is quite difficult. In addition, you need to understand this topic (better, the mostly purported audience) and be able to make useful recommendations. Otherwise, how are you going to write unique, interesting posts? It can be the sphere of your hobbies or the sphere of your professional activity.

One more important criterion - the popularity of the topic among the general public. At the same time, it's worth evaluating the competition. If there are already many popular blogs on the face topics, your blog may be very difficult. The popularity of the subject can be determined by the cavity, and you can try to find out the amount of searches for one or another period of time. It is certain that it will immediately be assumed that subjects that are too narrow (e.g., insect collection) are not popular.