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Career paths

We turn work into studies

Read a balance sheet? Do you want to talk to your colleagues from Controlling on an equal footing? Convince the CFO? Not everything you need for the next step in your career can be learned "on the job". Our part-time MBA is recommended wherever extensive business administration knowledge and a systematic understanding of the industry are required. The Executive MBA in Media Management

is aimed at professionals who want to improve their management skills and prepare for the next career step in the digital and media industry. Participants work at XING, Gruner + Jahr, Zeitverlag, Axel Springer, Facebook, Warner Bros., Parship, Adobe or the Madsack publishing group, among others.


The optimal mix of business administration and digital media


Individual, long-term study plan


Set your own priorities


Industry-wide contacts

International focus

Innovation Field Trips

A part-time studyable MBA for all media and digital professionals who urgently need more business and management knowledge for their next career step. And a strong network!

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Armin Rott

Knowledge Head of digital and media management

Ready for the next step in your career

The graduates can fall back on a sound economic education, industry-relevant insider knowledge and a solid network of alumni, funding companies and professionals from the media industry. With first-class training in theory and practice, they can develop visions for a rapidly changing industry.

It is the right mix of science and practice and a great network that is important far beyond the period of study.

Anna van Koetsveld, Bauer Media Group

EMBA 2013

The HMS combined everything that I have been looking for for a long time: fellow students who were professionally at a similar professional level, lecturers who were able to convey science and practice in an exciting way in the classroom and who gave me insights into the industry that would otherwise be denied me would have stayed.

Eugene L. Gross

EMBA, 2016

The EMBA gives me an in-depth, highly topical external view of my industry and its mechanisms.

Gaudenz Loser, Deputy Editor-in-chief 20 minutes

EMBA 2015

The EMBA is recommended for everyone who, after a few years in the job, wants to build a foundation for the next step in their career.

Robert Günther, Client Partner Facebook Germany

EMBA 2013

Well-founded, practical and flexible

Our EMBA curriculum is geared towards a methodical interlocking of theory and practice. Case studies, own practical and innovation projects as well as realistic decision-making scenarios prepare systematically for the challenges of a cross-media, international digital and media industry. For this we offer a curriculum that is guaranteed to cover the relevant economic and business fundamentals in order to then be specifically individualized using the options in the electives. Personal development and the training of leadership skills are also promoted in a targeted manner.

General management

  • organization
  • staff
  • marketing
  • management

Business Analysis

  • Business Mathematics
  • Business Statistics
  • Business software

Economics & Law

  • Market & competition
  • Private law
  • Corporate law
  • Competition law

Corporate finance

  • Financing & investment
  • Taxes


  • Accounting
  • Accounting
  • Controlling

Corporate Planning and Management

  • Strategic management
  • Project management 1 + 2
  • Corporate governance
  • Elevtive 1
  • Elective 2
  • online marketing

Leadership Skills

  • Communication and media training
  • Change management
  • Negotiation, networking and acquisition

Digital media business

  • Basics of information and communication technology, web development
  • Digital media markets
  • Digitization of media companies

Business cases

5th term: internationalization

  • International Innovation Field Trip
  • Media innovation
  • Master thesis coaching


Study part-time

The EMBA at the HMS is not only designed to be part-time, but also to integrate work. That is why our curriculum focuses on the direct transfer of learned content back into your own company from day one. Maximum professional compatibility is essential for part-time studies, which we take into account in our planning.

Intensive seminars on weekends

Few, very easy to plan attendance times

Modular curriculum

Flexible design of the curriculum

Consideration of job situations

Extension of the standard period of study from 24 to 36 months is possible

Your studies. Your choice.

With the electives, the students decide in which direction they want to deepen their studies. For our options, we work specifically with renowned partners in order to get the best possible added value for our students. Students can also take specific specializations from our Digital Journalism degree and thus, for example, take part in cross-media production or innovation and creative management as a seminar. A special elective is our international elective module. In addition to the media trip, which is anchored in the curriculum, there is also the opportunity to gain additional international experience.

University and excellent

In cooperation with the University of Hamburg

The course is a cooperation course between the University of Hamburg and the HMS. This means that the HMS is responsible for running the course, but the university awards the degree and has academic responsibility for the course. This cooperation offers numerous advantages for the students. On the one hand, upon successful completion, you will receive a university degree from a university with excellence status and enjoy all the advantages of a "normal" university course such as accreditation and access to all academic and student resources such as library access and semester tickets.

At the same time, the family environment at the HMS offers the possibility of intensive studies in small groups with close supervision of the students by lecturers and the employees of the HMS. At the HMS, the needs and interests of the individual student are always the focus, nobody gets lost in the crowd. In addition, the students benefit from the excellent network of the educational institution specializing in media.

Innovation Field Trips

As part of the two-week Innovation Field Trip, the students of the MBA and EMBA visit foreign media markets together in order to gain international experience in a mixture of seminars and company visits and to get to know the structures and strategies of the media market in the respective country. In recent years the trip has been to South Africa, New York City and Asia.

Return on investment

The contents of the EMBA sound attractive to participants. But what does the employer get out of it? Talents are specifically promoted and built up for later management positions. The modular design of the curriculum results in short absence times (59 days of attendance, 18 of which are on weekends over two years) and the employees stay with the company as full-fledged employees. In addition, they can apply the knowledge they have learned and the skills they have developed directly in their company's day-to-day work.

A large number of employers support their employees in deciding on the EMBA at the HMS. In consultations with HR departments and supervisors, the advantages and administrative questions are also gladly clarified by HMS and possible framework agreements are concluded.

Short absence times

Around 20 days of absence from work per calendar year, the other seminar days are provided on weekends.

Employee motivation

Motivation and employee loyalty through qualification

Professional integration

Practical course content can be transferred directly to the professional activity of the participants.


Case studies, job-related projects and the processing of company-related questions in the master's thesis combine studies and everyday working life to enrich both areas.

Future viability

Highly motivated employees who are able to initiate innovative developments and develop new visions in an economically sound manner contribute to the future viability of the company.

The tuition fees for the part-time MBA in Media Management are € 25,000 for self-payers and participants from among our funding companies. The tuition fees include all costs for seminars, exams and teaching material for the duration of the course. The costs for the international media trip are not included (usually a maximum of € 2,000).
Individual payment arrangements, employer support and the use of tax advantages are just a few of the financing options. We are happy to help you personally with any questions about this topic.



Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) in Media Management or certificate

Start of studies

Possible all year round

Rolling recording, recommended starting time in September


Flexible study plan

Individualized study structure based on a modular system


Study + experience

Degree, relevant work experience, media passion

Duration of study

24-36 months

Standard period of study two years, expandable to three years

Attendance times

59 days

59 days of attendance, of which 38 work days per week (Mon-Fri)

Scope of study


tuition fee

25.000 €

Self-payers and participants from among our funding companies

Place of study


Media metropolis Hamburg: location of important digital and media companies

State recognition

University of Hamburg

Cooperation with the University of Hamburg, officially recognized



The course is accredited by the ACQUIN agency


Innovation Field Trips

Explore international media markets

Everything about the application

An application is possible at any time. Admission to the program also takes place on a rolling basis throughout the year. Together with the applicant, the ideal starting time is determined so that the start of studies can be individually adapted to the respective professional situation. However, the ideal start date is in October.

Apply now
  • Completion of a degree in economics, law, humanities or social sciences at a state or state-recognized university
  • Proven three years of qualified professional or management experience in private or public institutions in the media industry or in institutions in media-related markets such as telecommunications or information technology in particular, which was acquired at least one year after the first university degree
  • Sufficient knowledge of German
  • Media passion

The standard period of study is 24 months. Vacation trimesters are possible; the maximum period for completing all six trimesters and earning the Executive MBA in Media Management is three years.

Application process: Step 1 - Written application

Please submit the following documents for your application:

  • A fully completed application via our online application tool
  • Copy of the Abitur certificate or proof of an equivalent degree and copy of the degree
  • Tabular CV
  • Letter of motivation: Please explain your motivation to apply for the part-time MBA on a maximum of two A4 pages
  • Evidence and certificates: Please enclose with your application all evidence of your previous professional activities
  • if applicable, proof of sufficient knowledge of German

Please note that we can only process your application if all documents are complete. If documents cannot be attached at the time of submission, this should be noted and a reference made to the date of subsequent submission.

Application process: Step 2 - Personal interview and job interview

The best candidates in the selection process for the part-time MBA will be interviewed personally with the head of the program, Prof. Dr. Armin Rott invited. A final acceptance or rejection will be given no later than three weeks after the interview.

June 14, 2021 at 6 p.m. - online via Zoom
July 5th, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. - online via Zoom
July 12, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. - online via Zoom

Please note our data protection information, available in the download area of ​​the MBA.

Most asked

Is the study compatible with the job?

The course is optimized for its part-time studyability. Thanks to the modular system, participants can choose when they want to complete the modules and put together a flexible study plan that suits their current job conditions.

How much professional experience do the participants in the program usually have?

It varies a lot how much professional experience the participants have. In any case, you should have relevant professional experience in order to understand the content from a practical point of view and then to be able to apply it.

Which fellow students will I meet?

The EMBA is aimed at professionals who want to improve their management skills and prepare for the next career step in the digital and media industry. Participants come from a wide variety of sub-sectors and functions in the digital and media industry, work commercially or creatively and travel from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You work at Gruner + Jahr, Facebook, Warner Bros., edel, Parship, Ringier, Adobe or the Madsack publishing group, among others. The average age is 33 years. However, mostly all age groups are represented. The EMBA is not consecutive. That is why the participants bring with them a wide range of knowledge from their first degree.

Can I speak to students or graduates before applying?

It is possible at any time to contact former or current students through us. Alternatively, the e-mail addresses of the students for making contact are stored here.

What types of exams are there?

Most modules are concluded with an exam or several partial exams. Seminar papers or oral exams are also common, depending on the lecturer and the type of seminar.

In which language are the events taught?

The events are taught almost exclusively in German. Selected electives and the two-week media trip are excluded. Regardless of the destination country, company visits are always conducted in English.

What equipment do I need?

Every student needs a working laptop for their studies. A tablet is not enough. In addition, all materials and necessary software are provided by the Hamburg Media School.

Do I get a semester ticket?

By enrolling as a student at the University of Hamburg, you will receive a semester ticket from the HVV.


Contact person

Student counseling & organization DMM

Camilla Owen

+49 (0)40 413 468 18


Innovation Field Trips

The Innovation Field Trips of the Hamburg Media School: Get to know and understand the structures and strategies of foreign media markets, meet experts from practice and research and create new inspirations and digital solutions together. The focus of the trips are guided company visits. Decision-makers give direct and open insight into their processes. The workshops and seminars on the trip are led by experts from the industry. More on this on our blog and in the adjacent video.

Tech, trends & temples

Companies visited: BuzzFeed Japan, Bloomberg, Outbrain, SmartNews, German Institute for Japanese Studies, ARD, FabCafe, Virtusize, Goodpatch, Nordot etc.

Media between right-wing populism & social conflicts

Visited companies: Bertelsmann Brasil, Google, Infoglobo, ZDF Auslandsstudio, Cartoon Network Turner Brasil, Esporte Interactivo, Ecripta, Looke, Mandalah, Cubo Itau, BRAVI, ANCINE, The Intercept etc.

Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurial Journalism

This year's Innovation Field Trip took us to New York City again! This year the program revolved around Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurial Journalism. We visited numerous media companies, looked at successful start-ups, publishers and ad tech companies, met experts and makers from the New York industry and held exclusive background discussions on selected topics.

Politics, Society and Media in South Africa

Johannesburg & Cape Town 2018

Visited companies:
Jonathan Ball Publishers, SABC, Tiso Blackstar Group, Exclusive Books, HeyJude, AfricaCheck, iAfrikan, New Media Publishing, Primedia Broadcasting, Triggerfish Animation Studios, Naspers, Salesian Life Choices, GoMetro, BettR Finance, Media24, ViaTV,

Digital Marketing and New Publishing

Visited companies:
Time Inc., Giphy, Bloomberg, Axel Springer, Marshall Project, Outbrain, Chartbeat, Moat, Fischer Appelt, HBO, Cuny School of Journalism, Penguin Random House, Wochit.

One people - three systems

Shanghai, Taipei & Hong Kong 2017

Visited companies:
German Center Shanghai, Increon, Shanghai United Media Group, Shanghai Media Group, Elle, Leoni, ARD, Wirtschaftswoche, German Embassy, ​​Goodpatch, Radio Taiwan International, CommonWealth Magazine, TVBS, Asus, 9gag, Radio Television Hong Kong, Cyberport, CNN / Turner Hong Kong, HK01, Animée Studios.

Virtual reality, digital products, big data

Visited companies:
Time Inc., Bloomberg, Axel Springer, Google, RedBull, Outbrain, Chartbeat, Moat, Cinelytic, Mylittlejob, NYC Media Lab, Fischer Appelt, Manhattan Young Democrats (MYD)

Old meets new - tradition vs. modernity

Tokyo, Kyoto & Dubai 2016

Visited companies:
CNN, Turner Animation Studios, Konika Minolta, Goodpatch, dpa Tokyo, Smartnews, German Embassy, ​​ARD Tokyo, Asahi Shimbun, Polyglots, Logbar, Line, DeNa, Panasonic, SK-Tun, Lineable, Kaya Media, KBS, LG, OhmyNews

That moves journalists in the UK

Visited companies:
Monocle, Facebook, Google, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Sony, Wochit, Flockler, DataSmoothie

Technology meets tradition

Visited companies:
Konika Minolta, Goodpatch, dpa Tokyo, Smartnews, German Embassy, ​​ARD Tokyo, Asahi Shimbun, Polyglots, Logbar, Line, DeNa, Panasonic, SK-Tun, Lineable, Kaya Media, KBS, LG, OhmyNews

Watch 'em! They're awesome!

Visited companies:
Business Insider, Buzzfeed, CNN, Die Welt, dpa infocom, Gawker, Google, Narratively, Media Digital, Metropolitan Museum, NYC Media Lab, Spiegel Online, Storyhunter, The Marshall Poject, Vox Media

Freedom of the press in times of upheaval

Moscow & St. Petersburg 2014

Visited companies:
Lomonosov Moskow State University, Yandex, Russia Today, Ria Novosti, Burda Verlag, Christian Neef, German Consulate General, Representation of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, Goethe-Institut, Delovoy Petersburg, Grape advertising agency, Skoltech

"The only way to do is do it!"

New York & California 2013

Visited companies:
Warner, Fox, Google, Kai Diekmann / Axel Springer, AirBnB, ABC / Good Morning America, ProSiebenSat1, twyxt, Prof. John Lavin, Pandora Radio, Empire Distributions,, German Accelerato

Technology & entertainment

Visited companies:
IIM Shillong, India Group Today, Business Standard, German Embassy, ​​Allindia Technologies, Times of India, All India Radio, Shillong Press Club, Shillong Times, Indo-German Chamber of Commerce