What makes a word beautiful


Is the word BEAUTIFUL allowed in Scrabble?

Scrabble®S.1 - C4 - H2 - Ö8 - N116

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aesthetic, have a pleasant effect on the senses, for example, look good, sound good
generally pleasant, good, decent
colloquial reinforcing in the sense of considerable
colloquial affirmative answer to a question
colloquial How it should be
in fixed phrases with a vague meaning
of an appearance that is so attractive to someone that it is perceived as pleasing, admirable
in its kind particularly attractive, appealing, very pleasant or beneficial to the eye or ear
of a kind that someone likes very much, that suits someone's taste
running in a way that arouses pleasant feelings
of a kind that deserves recognition, which is perceived as positive, gratifying
made in such a way that praise is appropriate
fades in politeness formulas
fades as an expression of consent
(in connection with "so") fades as an expression of critical or ironic distance
as desired, expected as appropriate
Considerable in terms of number, quantity and extent
not very pleasant, giving rise to displeasure, anger
  • Word separation:
    • beautiful, comp. nicer, sup. most beautiful
    • beautiful
  • Word form:
  • Synonyms:
    • appealing, attractive, aesthetic, attractive, pretty, decorative, pleasant, good, special, considerable, very, extremely, agree, okay, proper