Does the US have a skills shortage?

Life & Working in the USA: How do I find suitable companies?

New York: from dishwasher to millionaire?

In addition to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington and Chicago, New York is particularly popular with German emigrants. In the city that never sleeps, almost anything should be possible, because the city is developing day by day. Meter-long lines in the supermarket, an incredible amount of traffic on the highway, an insane volume in the city, many different attitudes to life, skin colors and religions - that's what makes New York one of the most exciting cities in the world. Anyone who can claim to have lived in New York will be given completely new professional perspectives.

Working in the USA: What are the requirements?

It is not difficult to enter the USA as a tourist. The situation is different if a stay of several months is planned, because a visa is required for this. The right visa depends on how long the employee plans to stay in the United States. Various options are available for a limited period of time: The H1B visa is issued for 6 years to professionals with a university degree. There are also numerous nonimmigrant visas with which it is possible to work in the USA.

The American embassy offers further information on this. Anyone who wants to work and live in America for an indefinite period of time must apply for an immigrant visa, which is also better known as a green card. Those who have no relatives in the USA have to hope to be one of the specialists they need or to be the lucky winner of a green card in the green card lottery.

Applying in the USA: How to find suitable companies

There are many ways to find a suitable company for a targeted application. Among other things, chambers of commerce abroad, job exchanges and social business networks such as LinkedIn or Xing are ideal opportunities to find American companies. But special educational programs and university contacts may also open one or the other door.

Finding a German-speaking job in America is even easier. For example, German-speaking employees are always wanted for the IT sector in the United States, because numerous German customers have to be looked after from there. Researching international job exchanges such as Indeed or Stepstone are also a good place to go to find a new job in the USA.

The USA has numerous interesting jobs in various industries for German specialists. As the American economy is considered extremely stable, more and more people are choosing careers in the land of opportunity. Anyone who researches carefully in advance can be sure to find a well-paid and first-class job.