How do you test a voltage regulator

Erica Ludwig
A voltage regulator is used in electrical installations in order to be able to keep the supplied power constant at all times. Consumers always need a constant and, above all, stable supply of electricity. A voltage regulator is therefore connected upstream, which ensures that the consumer always receives the required power. All right?
Chiara Ludwig
In the circuit it can always happen that the load is distributed and once more and once less power is available. A voltage regulator is used so that the devices and consumers in the circuit can continue to function. This ensures that the consumer always receives a constant voltage.
Irmgard Busch
Voltage regulators are usually built into most devices. This component is found in cell phones, computer parts and other devices. This then ensures that the voltage remains stable and is maintained so that the device can be operated properly. Why do you need a voltage regulator?