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Clause (§)

Legal texts and contracts

This word comes from the Greek and means something like "written on the side". The best known is the term "paragraph" in legal texts. The term is also used frequently in contracts and in academic papers. The sign § was created in the Middle Ages. It is believed that it developed from the letter "S" to its current form. "S" stands for the Latin word "Signum" (German: "Sign").

Help with dividing
The paragraph symbol (§) divides a text into individual sections. Usually several sentences relating to a topic, idea or fact are grouped together in a paragraph. The beginning of Section 242 in the German Criminal Code serves as an example. It reads: "Anyone who takes away another person's movable property from someone else with the intention of unlawfully appropriating the thing to himself or a third party will be punished with imprisonment for up to five years or a fine." Robbery, fraud and much more.

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