How do you express your pansexuality

Interesting facts about pansexuality - are you pansexual?

If you don't use gender in a biological sense when choosing a partner, you may be able to describe yourself as pansexual. This means that you can develop romantic sexual feelings for someone, regardless of gender. However, there is a difference between being pansexual and bisexual.

The definition of pansexuality

Pansexuality, translated from Greek, means everything. This means that you are attracted to another person, gender does not matter. You fall in love This happens:

  • Sexually
  • romantic
  • emotionally

Out of an inner need, you basically overcome the gender boundaries when it comes to choosing a partner and sexuality. Pansexuality is a very special sexual orientation. However, you only desire adult people.

The differences between pansexual and bisexual

When you are pansexual, you are attracted to different gender identities. It is different with bisexual people. They find both sexes sexually attractive.

Am i pansexual?

You might be wondering if you are pansexual too because that's how you feel about it. Some people can experience this feeling in childhood. The idea is that you don't want to orientate yourself towards a heterosexual person, you reject such a partnership at an early age. You seek sexual and romantic relationships on a different level when you are pansexual. In the course of puberty, this feeling is particularly pronounced in many. Your sexual orientation solidifies during puberty.

However, you may also find out that you are pansexual when you have had your first homosexual or straight partnerships. Now you find out that you have other ways to love someone. Your desire changes and consolidates. Of course, the decisive factor is how far away your environment deals with sexuality and identity. For a long time, many cannot identify that they are actually pansexual. Maybe you don't fit into the typical classic grid either. Many people are unaware that such a sexual orientation even exists. What is certain, however, is that it feels a little different.

Your sexual orientation in everyday life

Now it is interesting to find out what it means for you in everyday life when you are pansexual. There are many different identities, definitions for genders and sexualities. Pansexual people are often very progressive and open. Social norms and values ​​are questioned. You stand up for your right to live your life individually. On the one hand, pansexuality means a sexual orientation and the description for you - on the other hand, it also relates to your inner attitude.

A love without barriers

Can you imagine love without barriers regarding gender? Then maybe you are really pansexual. You love someone regardless of their gender. Many stars and celebrities have also professed to be pansexual.

Not a fad

If you are pansexual, this is absolutely not a fad. Something like this has been around for a long time. There was just no term for it for a long time. Many people now openly acknowledge their pansexuality. Because it is not a fad, it is also increasingly accepted by society. There is a lot of public discussion about this. Scientists and researchers even speak of a veritable new sexual revolution. There hasn't been anything like it since the 1970s. If you want to talk or write about how you are doing because you are pansexual, you can do so on a good portal on the internet. The page She is looking for you is particularly suitable for this. More and more open to this sexual movement. As already mentioned, this has nothing to do with bisexuality. The phenomenon has come to be known as sexual orientation in recent years.

The opposite concept of heterosexuality

Basically, you can view pansexuality as the opposite concept of heterosexuality in typical two-person relationships and understand them as such. When you actually identify as pansexual, you are expressing something weighty. You don't commit to a gender when you love. This concept is immobile. There are almost always shades of gray when it comes to between the female and male gender and affection. As a pansexual person, you reject the typical gender roles, which are mainly stereotyped. Accordingly, you can freely define your own gender. So, on the whole, it doesn't matter what gender you are or what gender the person you are attracted to is.

Can you clearly assign yourself to a gender? If not, you may be truly pansexual. If you're attracted to a personality and it doesn't matter whether it's a man or a woman, you can be pansexual too. There are important distinctions to be made when you commit yourself.

A growing community

In terms of pansexuality, the community has grown steadily in recent years. This has to do with the numerous celebrities who came out to do so. The flag that exists on pansexuality is made up of three horizontal stripes in the colors pink, yellow and blue. It is not an arbitrary choice of colors. Every single color of this flag has an important meaning.

For example, the question pink in the pansexuality flag means that people also identify with the female spectrum. The biological sex does not play a role. The color blue is the symbol for the male spectrum. Here, too, the biological sex has no meaning. Yellow is the color that represents everything in between. This includes, for example, transgender people. The goal of the pansexual community is to achieve full equality between all people. This affects all gender forms around the world.

Love is comprehensive

Perhaps you are now wondering whether you are one of them and whether this is your own sexuality. Your curiosity may have grown. Feel motivated enough to find out more about it at any time. Society is becoming increasingly open to it. When looking for a life partner, it helps if you know what sexual orientation you have. Of course, this also applies if you are pansexual. You can research or find a connection on the Internet. The community is also widely represented on the online network.

Find out your sexual orientation

Sexual orientation has many faces. You will come to this at the latest when you hit puberty. The diverse sexuality should therefore not be underestimated. If you want to enrich your love life, you should get on the trail. As soon as you can define what sexual orientation you have, you can better find your happiness in life.

The goal of sexual orientation

Everyone thinks differently when it comes to sex, and of course the same applies to feelings. You may have to go through your experiences first to see how you are oriented. Can you even remotely describe what and whom you are attracted to?

Your sexual orientation reflects a central aspect of your personality. Therefore, you should find out your sexual identity and stand by it. Have you ever had sexual fantasies? These thoughts can help you determine. Under certain circumstances, however, there are also values ​​and hopes in a certain direction.

An interesting variety

Find out about the many possible sexual options that exist. Almost everyone has their own term. It's up to you to figure out what makes you tick in terms of your sexual orientation. Bisexuality, homosexuality or heterosexuality may play an important role in your life. These variants can only be roughly distinguished. If you are pansexual, you are practically in a minority, but you do not have to be ashamed of yourself.

Just because you've had experiences with the opposite sex doesn't mean you automatically have to be gay or straight. The definition is a bit broader. Do not blame yourself for this.

Who are you sleeping with

When it comes to your sexual orientation, it doesn't just matter who you have sex and sleep with. There are many more things that count in your life. Make sure not to give the sexes a strong role, avoid such stamps. Just because you're not straight doesn't mean you're not normal. There are now many scientific studies and investigations on this. It has absolutely nothing to do with a social norm.

Your environment is important

So far you've probably moved in a certain environment, but that doesn't necessarily have to have enriched you. For you, it is important to surround yourself with the right people. Make sure you don't face constant judgments and negative reviews. Someone who cannot perceive who you are has no business in your life. Therefore look for the right ones for your sexual orientation and for your entire sexuality. You are not alone in your situation. The gender identity describes how you orient yourself. You are also welcome to seek advice from an expert. Further information can be researched on the Internet. There are certain terms that can specifically describe your desire. But it is never easy to commit to it. Your life is a development. You can allow that.

The different sexual phases in life

Did you know that intercourse isn't always intercourse? Overall, there are several sexual phases in your life. That's why you don't always have to assign yourself automatically. Don't put any pressure on yourself, society can't tell you who you are and what is good for you. Sex therapists and experts know more about changing human sexuality.

Try everything

Especially often in your youth you want to try pretty much everything. Whether you react pansexually and are accordingly active or not is up to you. Probably a goal in your youth is to live new life. Of course, you can also enjoy your sexual desire. You can discover the unknown and gain experience. When you are young, lust is very special. The same is true of your curiosity. You don't have to be afraid of pansexuality.

The young body is basically always designed to reproduce. This is exactly what you can expect when exploring your sexual inclinations. A young body is particularly fertile. This not only applies to the production of sperm in men, women also run at full speed. When you reach puberty, you experience your sex life very differently. The same of course also applies to lovemaking.

The ability to orgasm changes

Incidentally, the ability of women to orgasm changes particularly from the age of 30. The preferences and needs are more pronounced. The facets of love play also enrich you. This is why it is not uncommon for women from 30 or older to admit their pansexuality because it is in the first place that they come up with the idea of ​​being different. The eroticism and caresses play a particularly important role.

The child planning

In between there are likely to be phases in which you are concerned about children. Do you want to have children someday? Don't worry, family planning still has time. If the right person is by your side, you will automatically know. Otherwise you don't have to put pressure on yourself at all.

In this area, your sexual orientation or pansexuality does not play a major role either. You can expect enjoyment and serenity from the age of 40. Even people who were married first will find out at some point that they are pansexual. That is why there is always an interesting new awakening. Therefore do not let your joy in experimentation take away. You don't have to stay in the same rut all the time. You are allowed to develop. If you find out that you are indeed pansexual, you can talk about it. Perhaps the situation is difficult for you to grasp and understand at first. Talk about it so you can get it off your mind. This makes it easier for you to find like-minded people with whom such conversations can be all the more worthwhile. You are not alone in your situation.