What does the term CPM refer to

With cost-per-mille the costs of advertising measures at a glance

FAQ: Cost-per-Mille (CPM)

When do we talk about cost-per-mille?

This is an option for calculating the cost of banner advertising in online marketing, for example. It's about the amount you need to raise to reach 1,000 people.

How is the calculation done with CPM?

The formula and an example calculation can be found here.

What should lawyers look out for with Cost-per-Mille?

Lawyer marketing is mostly about winning new clients. The placement of banner advertising can be a measure. However, relatively few people actually click on them and get to your website. It can therefore make sense to also examine other cost models (such as PPC).

What is CPM in Marketing?

By targeted advertising as well as various activities in the field of Marketing law firms and other companies can benefit from their Competitors take off and win new clients.

However, such measures always go with you financial risk hand in hand. Hence it is necessary to always include the Keeping an eye on costs to keep and various advertising channels or media too to compare. One way to reduce the cost of Banner advertising to calculate in online marketing is hidden behind the abbreviation "CPM" or "Cost-per-Mille".

But what does this mean? identification number exactly? How can the cost-per-mille to calculate? And is with Lawyer Marketing Does CPM matter? The following guide provides answers to these and other questions.

Calculate marketing through CPM

The model "Cost-per-Mille" calculates what amount you have to wager to 1,000 people to reach a specific target group. The definition of this specific number of people already goes out of the term in itself, because "Mille" comes from French and means thousand.

According to the definition, CPM is all about a so-called Visual contact, so how many people one Advertisement in a newspaper or a banner on a website see can. A interaction however, this does not guarantee this.

This media planning key figure is below various names known - besides cost-per-mille - are frequently used synonyms, for example: Thousand contact price (TKP), Cost-per-thousand (CPT) or Thousand Ad Impressions (TAI).

How is the cost per mille calculated?

In order to use CPM for marketing incurred costs to determine or compare, find the following formula Application:

Price of the banner advertisement ÷ number of visitors x 1000 = cost-per-mille

What exactly this formula reveals is what the following is supposed to do example Make it clear: Visit website A in a month 100,000 people. The operators ask for a banner at the top of the page for a specified period in total 15,000.00 euros. If we put these values ​​in the formula, we get a Cost-per-mille in the amount of 150 euros.

This calculation can also be used to determine the Compare costs to other media. In addition to online marketing, CPM also takes place in radio and in the Print advertising Application.

How high the costs for the placement of banner advertising or display advertising are, can depend on the website or even placement vary greatly on the respective website. Therefore, you should consider beforehand how you will use your target group can best achieve.

What does CPM mean for planning advertising campaigns in lawyer marketing?

If you would like to place advertisements in the course of display advertising or take other advertising measures, it is important to inform the different possibilities and the associated Compare costs. Cost-per-mille is a relatively simple method.

However, this model does not exist Information about the success the respective advertisement. For example, there is a risk that users will see your ad due to the large number of advertising no longer perceive. Effect your marketing activities intrusive or inappropriate, this can also lead to a Deterioration of the image to lead.

Last but not least, they are Click rates very low for banner advertising. Therefore, it can be useful under certain circumstances, even only for appropriate Interactions to pay. In this context, experts speak of "Cost-per-Click" (CPC).

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With cost-per-mille the costs of advertising measures at a glance
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