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Malaysia attractions - 11 cool highlights in the country

Fancy some really cool ones Landmarks in Malaysia? During the world tour of Bolle and Marco, the two also spent a few months in Malaysia in Southeast Asia. Around 31 million people in 13 different states live in this diverse country in Southeast Asia. Malaysia consists of the Malay Peninsula with Kuala Lumpur and the Malay part of the island of Borneo. They both liked this country incredibly well, especially because the people always welcomed them with open arms.

In hardly any other country have they got to know and love so much hospitality as in Malaysia. In the following post I would like to give you some travel tips and the top Highlights in Malaysia so that you can get a first impression of this country. And who knows, maybe one day you will travel to Malaysia to see the many highlights for yourself.

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Malaysia landmarks

The country between Thailand and Indonesia offers you countless possibilities, highlights and sights. You will be surprised how diverse Malaysia is. Whether it's a city trip in Kuala Lumpur, an island vacation in Langkawi, a hike through national parks or a tour through the jungle on Borneo - the country has the right offer for everyone. But pay attention to the best travel time and the climate for Malaysia, so that you don't wander through the country in the middle of the rainy season. In the following map we have marked all the important spots for you.

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The city of Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia has so many great sights and things that you definitely shouldn't miss. The landmark of the city of Kuala Lumpur, the "Petronas Towers", which rise a total of 452 meters, are definitely worth a visit. You also have a great view of the city from the "Menara KL Tower" at 421 meters.

You really want to try all the goodies of the local cuisine? Then you should go to the "Jalan Alor" market in the evening. In Kuala Lumpur you can also walk through the streets for days, look at street art, visit the largest shopping mall in the world, visit a mosque or visit one of the city's cultural highlights. As you can see, Kuala Lumpur is a very diverse city and it pays to plan a lot of time here.

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Petronas Twin Towers

If you should travel to Malaysia, you will likely also visit the country's capital, Kuala Lumpur. The city's landmarks are the Petronas Twin Towers, which are hard to miss. These towers were opened in 1999 and, with a height of 452 meters, were also considered the "tallest building in the world" until 2004.

The Malaysian oil company Petronas commissioned the construction of the twin towers and is still headquartered in the towers today. It's pretty crazy when you stand in front of this imposing building complex and look up. The sight is particularly beautiful in the evening when the two towers and the other buildings around them are lit up.

There are countless offices in the towers, as well as a science museum, several shopping malls, the concert hall of the Philharmonic of Malaysia and an art gallery. It is also unbelievable that 39 elevators in each tower ensure that employees and visitors can go up and down.

You have the opportunity to visit the skybridge at a height of 172 meters. This bridge is 60 meters long and is located between the 41st and 42nd floors. From there you have a gigantic view over Kuala Lumpur. You have an even better view from the viewing platform on the 86th floor.

Tickets: limited to 1600 tickets per day
Valid for: Viewing platform & bridge
Price: € 26 with skip the line
Bookable: GetYourGuide * or on site
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Cool Tours in Kuala Lumpur:

Batu Caves in Malaysia

If you visit the capital Kuala Lumpur, you should also check out the unique ones Batu caves not to be missed. These limestone caves with Hindu temples, statues and figurines are one of the most popular places to visit in Malaysia. The KTM Komuter trains take you to the Batu Caves from Kuala Lumpur in just 30 minutes.

You don't even have to pay admission, only if you want to visit the other heights and museums on site (Ramayana Cave 5 MYR, Dark Cave 35 MYR, Cave Villas 7 MYR). The way to the colorful stairs that lead up to the Batu Caves is very impressive. Directly in front of it is the huge, 42 meter high and golden Lord Murugan statue. The atmosphere is especially nice during the prayer hours of the locals (morning and evening).

Once a year in late January or early February hundreds of thousands of pilgrims flock to the caves during the Hindu Thaipusam festival. We were there quite by chance and witnessed this interesting, crazy and at the same time fascinating festival. More here: Thaipusam in the Batu Caves. We were there live when the people with heavy, decorated metal frames on their shoulders were on their way to the caves. Many also had metal arrows drilled through their cheeks. That was pretty awesome.

Entry: free for the Batu Caves
Dress code: please no shorts, skirts and dresses !!
Prices: Dark Cave 35 MYR, Cave Villas 7 MYR, Ramayana Cave 5 MYR
Tours: book at GetYourGuide *
Inlet: Batu Caves daily from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Cool Tours to Batu Caves:

Langkawi Island

In the very north of Malaysia is the dreamlike one Langkawi Island and invites you to a relaxed beach and bathing vacation. A natural paradise straight out of a picture book. You can either spend your days on a trek through the mangrove forest and be fascinated by waterfalls, plants, flowers and wildlife, or you can relax in one of the numerous hotels or on one of the popular beaches such as: Cenang, Pasir Tengkorak or Tengah Beach . The friendliness of the people is also unique on Langkawi.

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Some of the most popular sights in Langkawi include the Suspension bridge on Mount Mat Cincang, which offers a great view at 687 meters above sea level. A 15-minute ride on the cable car separates you from the viewing platform on the mountain top. The beach Pasir Hitham with its black sand or the mangrove marshland in the east of the island are also popular.

Cool tours in Langkawi:

Street art in Georgetown, Penang

We particularly liked them Penang Island in the west of the Malay Peninsula. From Kuala Lumpur we were able to arrive relaxed by train and from Butterworth we could cross over with the ferry. Some highlights await you on the island, such as the very cool street art scene in Georgetown. In addition, many different ethnic groups live here on the island, which of course also brought their own traditions and peculiarities to the island.

Very cute: Street names such as Love Lane, Chulia Street, Lorong Stewart, Armenian Street, Lebuh Champbell or Little India once again show the city's cultural diversity.

Grab your camera and discover the many cool graffiti in town. Everywhere in Georgetown there are pictures, paintings and art installations in the streets and on the walls. On the website of Visit Penang you will find a cool map as a pdf, with all the places where you can find cool pictures. So perfect for a scavenger hunt. You can find out what else you can experience on the island of Penang here: Island Guide Penang.

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Cool tours in Penang:

The Cameron Highlands

The green heart of Malaysia is only around 3 to 4 hours north of Kuala Lumpur on the Malay Peninsula. Back then, Bolle and Marco traveled relaxed by bus and spent their time between the tea plantations in the Cameron Highlands enjoyed it very much. Here you can expect 1,800 meter high mountains, many hiking opportunities, some tea factories and plantations, waterfalls, a great flora and a lot of Malaysian jungle. During their trip they visited the well-known Boh Tea Estate, drank a lot of tea and learned more about its production.

Bolle and Marco stayed overnight in Brinchang, one of the nearby places in the Cameron Highlands. Alternatively, you can also look for accommodation in Tanah Rata. You can book bus tickets to this region of Malaysia here on easybook.com. Back then you only paid € 7.50 to drive from George Town to the Highlands. The buses in Malaysia are really great and offer an incredible amount of comfort, in no other country have they ridden in such comfortable buses. You can devour her detailed article here: The Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

Cool Tours to the Cameron Highlands:

Orangutans in Borneo

For nature fans, Borneo is an absolute highlight on a trip to Malaysia. Hike through the "Barko" National Park, be on your own with the orangutans, spend the night in the "Mulu" National Park with locals in their village, be fascinated by the spectacular cave systems in "Gunung Mulu National Park", climb the 4095 meter high Volcano "Mount Kinabalu" in the state of Sabah or let yourself be enchanted by diving in the spectacular underwater world around Borneo. As you can see, you will definitely not get bored on Borneo and you should plan at least 5-7 days for the island.

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Cool tours in Borneo:

Taman Negara Park

The oldest forest area on earth is in the west of Malaysia. The huge rainforest Taman Negara Park has been growing for over 130 million years and offers nature fans everything their hearts desire. On hikes lasting several hours or several days, you can learn everything about the plants and animals of the park and let your mind wander.

Kuala Tahan is the starting point for most hiking, treetop walks, river trips, and other adventures. The jungle feeling is perfect in the Taman Negara National Park, because tigers, macaques, a variety of bird species live here and beautiful plants bloom there. To really enjoy the park, you should spend at least 2 nights here. It is worth it!

Tip: Explore one of the world's oldest tropical rainforests just hours outside of bustling Kuala Lumpur. Look forward to an all-inclusive tour with an overnight stay and exciting outdoor activities. Bookable at GetYourGuide *.

Perhentian Islands to the east

Are you ready for a beach vacation and just want to lie comfortably on the white sandy beach for a few days and let the sun shine on your stomach? Then they are Perhentian Islands sure a perfect place for you. These two small islands are located on the east coast of Malaysia and await you with an attractive water world, rainforest and beautiful sandy beaches.

Spend your days diving, snorkeling, relaxing under the sun on the beach, enjoying the spa area in your hotel or going on a trekking tour in the jungle. In the evening you can admire the beautiful sunset and go out to eat in one of the many delicious restaurants.

Pulau Tioman & Tecken

A magical island, covered by rainforest and framed with white sandy beaches from the picture book "Pulau Tioman“Lies off the eastern coast of the Malay Peninsula. Off the coast you can admire beautiful corals and schools of fish on a dive and on an excursion into the jungle you can expect butterflies and different species of monkeys.

Hike through the rainforest past waterfalls and enjoy the silence of nature. Of course there is culture too. On the west and south coast you can visit original fishing villages and get an idea of ​​their work. Generally only a few people live on the island, the island is also very small (39 km long, 12 km wide).

Coastal town of Melakka

The Coastal town of Melakka is located about 150 km from Kuala Lumpur, in the west of Malaysia. The city has been a World Heritage Site since 2008 and is often referred to as the “most beautiful” city in Malaysia. You can explore the city comfortably on foot for 2 days. Charming alleys, the pretty old town, the Melaka River Walk, the oldest Protestant church "Christ Church", the fortress A Famosa Fort and the Sultan's Palace are just a few sights that the old city of Melakka has to offer.

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Cool Melaka Tours:

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