Would you go to a fat doctor

10 questions to ask a cosmetic surgeon you would never dare ask

Afschin Fatemi has sucked off over 3,000 liters of body fat in his life - a good 20 bathtubs full. Fatemi is a specialist in dermatology in Düsseldorf, he has been sucking off fat, doing facelifts and eyelid corrections for 20 years. 15 years ago he founded the beauty clinic chain S-thetic, which is now available in twelve German cities. According to the FAZ In 2011, 10,000 patients were operated on in his clinics - plus non-surgical interventions. A facelift costs up to 14,000 euros, a liposuction around 5,000 euros.

Germans invest more than 800 million euros in cosmetic surgery every year, and the trend is rising. The most popular operation is breast augmentation, but Fatemi, 44, only does this with her own fat. Fatemi advertises himself and his clinic: He has already been to TV total joked about his own big nose, advised the presenter Frank Plasberg to get rid of the double chin and lived for the RTL format Secret Millionaire the life of an asylum seeker for a week. He also responds to our request after just ten minutes and calls us directly after an operation.

VICE: What was the weirdest request you got?
Afschin Fatemi: Once a patient wanted to have all of their toes amputated because he thought the foot looked so beautiful. And the other day someone came with a manga drawing because he wanted to look like his comic book idol. I sent the person home - it's hard for me to cut his nose to this micro-size. In general, I find it difficult when people bring their idols with them as models - at the moment Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are very popular. A J-Lo butt might still be feasible, but when someone wants the eye area or the lips of a certain star, I often have to say, "The photo you brought with you has been post-processed, there is hardly anything real to it."

Have you operated on yourself?
I've already tried Botox, shot a few hairs off with the laser and had a few moles lasered away. I haven't had any major interventions yet, but I could well imagine it. Someone who works in the field and doesn't want to have an operation is either super satisfied. Or something is wrong and he has no confidence in his own methods. If I get droopy eyelids or bags under the eyes, they'll come off. Also because I'm curious what the procedure feels like, which I often do on others.

Have you ever done interventions that you found absolutely unnecessary?

Many years ago I did a face lift that I thought was unnecessary. I was very good friends with the patient in private and didn't want to say no. But I didn't have a good feeling about it and it also became difficult. It didn't go well, the scars didn't heal as quickly. The whole thing gave me a few sleepless nights. It now happens every day that I cancel treatments. But I can't just say: I won't do that, bye. I have to advise people. Often patients go to the nearest doctor anyway. Two or three times a year I have those that I think they need a psychiatrist more than a plastic surgeon. For example, there is a mental disorder, dysmorphism, in which patients find everything in itself ugly. But I can't force her to work.

In a SAT1 contribution you can get 210,000 euros for a necklace on a shopping trip. How rich are you
I don't have a pool, I drive a Mini privately. I certainly earn a lot more than the average ward doctor. But I'm not your average cosmetic surgeon either. Let's put it this way: It's enough for the butter on the bread and also for the jam.

Do you often think when you meet new people: something should be done?
In the past I actually often thought: I could do this, I could do that. I don't scan the faces anymore. Only when I see bad operations do I think: I would do better. There are so many negative examples. You just have to look into the last jungle camp. Florian Wess has definitely overdone it with Botox, Kader Loth and Gina-Lisa also have to be careful.

Are you afraid that women will only mess with you so that you can operate them cheaper?
It may have happened a couple of times in my life. A cosmetic surgeon in the USA I learned from said: Never get involved with women who are, or could be, patients. Either they want the surgery cheaper. Or they want to tell that they got around the cosmetic surgeon.

What is the nastiest of all cosmetic surgeries?
I think leg lengthening is bad. Bones are broken and then attached to a steel frame and pulled apart. And all of this only for a few centimeters of leg length. It is also bad when liquid silicone is pumped directly into the buttocks or face. Reputable doctors don't do that. The body often does not accept this and rejects it. When I operate the whole thing out, it's inflamed, with abscesses and yellowish-green pus. It stinks badly.

Ever received hate messages from patients who were unhappy with their new looks?
If a doctor says he's never had a dissatisfied patient, he's either a coroner - or he's lying. I don't think anyone has hated me yet. But sometimes patients write: I am unhappy. And sometimes in a harder tone. Then we look for solutions. For example, if a non-surgical skin tightening didn't work as well as hoped, we'll do the second treatment for free.

How old was your youngest patient?
I've removed a blood sponge from a baby before - it's such a red lump on the skin. And I've done surgery on teenagers who came because of excessive sweating. Then you can inject Botox under the armpit or destroy the sweat glands with a special microwave technology. However, I only do classic cosmetic surgery from the age of 21. In contrast to what the media portrays, there are hardly any parents who are mad about optimization and who bring their children to me. So far I've only had three 16 year olds who came with their mothers. In all cases it was about liposuction and you could tell that it was the daughters who had convinced their mothers and not the other way around. I refused.

What happens to the extracted fat?
It ends up in the hazardous waste, which then goes straight to the waste incineration plant. You couldn't steal the fat and turn it into soap like with Fight Club - we have locks on the barrels. But a lot comes together. With an average liposuction, one to one and a half liters of fat are sucked out - that's two to three packs of rama. So on a good day we have 15 to 20 liters of fat.

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