Which airsoft gun has the best range

1. How old am I?


2. What is my budget?

300 - 700 € (Know the difference is big but that's the range I imagine so there are 700 € if it is cheaper is of course good. But believe below 300 € there is nothing sensible anyway)

3. Can I increase my budget in the foreseeable future?


4. What kind of weapon do I want (assault rifle, sniper rifle, pistol, etc.)?

Assault rifle and / or pistol (I might also have the idea of ​​2 pistols one left hand one right hand

5. Which model is suitable?

No matter as long as it is of decent quality

6. Which type of drive do I prefer (gas, CO², electricity, spring pressure, etc.)?

CO2 (but also let me learn)

7. How important are the following characteristics to me (1 - less important - 5 very important)?

a) full metal 5
b) Precision 5
c) Range 5
d) Availability of spare parts 3
e) Availability of optional parts 3 - 5
f) Original markings ---
g) Quality of the installed parts 5
h) Accuracy of fit of original or add-on parts 5

8. Which muzzle energy do I want? Minimum and maximum values.

1,5 - 2,5

My dream is a range of 70 meters. Because I would like to play on large grounds or have the opportunity to do so.

9. What kind of extras (sleeve system, dual power, supplied extras)?

Rifle scope / pointer (no laser pointer)

10. Should my weapon match a representation? If yes, which?


11. I still have the following questions:

I'll just ask it here. Are there players / clubs. Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Nordenham or the surrounding area?