What if Arya had killed Cersei

"Game Of Thrones": That's why Arya behaved so completely atypically in episode 5 of season 8

No question about it, Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) is one of the strongest women in the Seven Kingdoms and has already caused a few surprises in eight seasons of "Game Of Thrones". From the little girl who grew up in Winterfell, she became a fighter with a sword, a death list and clear goals in mind. Thanks to her greatest heroism, killing the Night King in the third episode of season eight, she will go down in Westeros history, and songs are sure to be sung about her one day. It is understandable that Arya's sudden abandonment of her plan to kill Cersei surprised us in the fifth episode of the eighth season of "Game Of Thrones". But how did it come about?

Arya says goodbye to Sandor

Together with Sandor Clegane (Rory McCann), who is mostly called The Hound, Arya made his way to King's Landing to finally kill Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey). The blonde queen of King's Landing is responsible for ensuring that much of Arya's family and many of her friends were tortured, humiliated, and killed. Arya had known for a long time that she would have to be moved out of the way at some point. When she and Sandor arrive in the heart of King's Landing, in the Red Keep, the fight against Cersei's army is in full swing - after all, Arya is not the only one who wants the death of the self-appointed queen ...

Arya Cersei was not as close as it was in a long time and with the help of the Hound the queen's death was within reach. But Sandor holds back the Stark daughter. "Look at me! If you keep following me now, you will die here“, He explains to his companion. Because while Arya probably only thinks of Cersei's death, Sandor knows that they are unlikely to survive the impending battle and the collapse of the castle around them. Do you want to be like me?“Whispers The Hound and Arya can actually be convinced of him, thanks her loyal companion and flees.

D.B. Weiss and David Benioff discuss Arya's decision

Many viewers were with the decision of showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, Arya actually not let go of Cersei, not satisfied. Even if The Hound assured her that the Queen would die anyway and that he would have to walk this last path alone, most fans assumed that the Stark daughter would not let this life's goal be taken away.

But it is also the end of their common storyas Benioff and Weiss explain in the fifth episode of “Inside the Episode”, in which the showrunners take a look at the motivations of the protagonists. The Hound knew that a life determined by the thirst for revenge always ended in death, and even if it was too late for him, Arya could still take another path. "The Hound has developed real affection for Arya, I think he loves her as much as he is able to love anyone. And he knows that if she comes with him now, she won't be able to get out“, Benioff sums it up in the video.

Arya's departure also had a completely different function: So Arya survived so that she could take the audience by the hand and lead them through the terrible hell caused by Daenerys (Emilia Clarke). „The fate of a character moves closer to us when the character is close to us“, Explains Benioff and Weiss adds that only the Hound was able to convince Arya to leave King's Landing.

The Gasthaus am Kreuzweg - A very special place

In view of Weiss' statement about Sandor's powers of persuasion, this final encounter between the two characters actually seems fateful. After all, the two have a long history that led them through half the kingdom together. The place where Arya says goodbye to Sandor was probably not chosen by the makers for nothing...

Arya and Sandor meet for the first time in the second episode of the first season of Game Of Thrones. The encounter takes place in front of the inn on the Kreuzweg - a rest stop in front of which the Königsweg and the east-west connection between the Arryn valley and the road to the Westlande meet. The hound was still protecting Joffrey (Jack Gleeson), who was just about to wrap Sansa (Sophie Turner) around his finger. Arya practices needle with her new sword and fights her friend Mycah (Rhodri Hosking), the butcher's son, for fun. When there is an argument between Arya and Joffrey and Joffrey is attacked by Arya's wolf Nymeria, the situation escalates and in the end Sandor kills Mycah - which Arya will never forget.

In the third episode of the third season of "Game Of Thrones", Arya and Sandor meet again in the inn on the Way of the Cross and their journey together, on which they get to know each other, begins. If you take a closer look at the farewell scene in the eighth season of the two characters, you will find that Arya and Sandor say goodbye in the hall, the floor of which is adorned with a gigantic map of Westeros, which Cersei had painted in the seventh season. The Stark daughter and The Hound are actually on the map near the inn at the Stations of the Cross when they exchange their last words. Metaphorically, this journey ends where it began

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