What are the biggest challenges for psychologists

"The biggest challenge is to learn something new every day"


What are your plans for the future?

My future plans: to advance in my career as a software engineer and use my design skills to continue my creative programming projects.

What do you particularly appreciate about your work and what is a challenge?

The development opportunities in the technical area are enormous: In three years, including my studies, I went from a marketing intern to a working student, from a full-time employee to a member of the engineering team. The biggest challenge is learning new things every day.

You finished your studies in April last year. How did the job search and subsequent application phase go?

Fortunately, since I already worked in a company that was happy to take me over at the end of my studies, I didn't have a gap in my résumé.

What advice would you give new students?

I recommend everyone to study what interests them most - I was lucky that many professors took my love for technology to heart and let me develop projects that revolved around my own interests.

What characteristics should students from your degree program have?

Persistence, individuality and a strong creative impulse!

Thank you for the interview. We wish you all the best for your professional and private future.