What's your favorite hike in Maui

Oahu - The Gathering Place

O’ahu is the most touristic of the islands and I recommend ignoring the capital city of Honolulu, which is so famous for its beach Waikiki Beach. It's overcrowded and loud - the beach section in particular is a kind of ballroom for mainland Americans. Here you will find hotel blocks, shopping malls, overcrowded restaurants and traffic chaos. In my opinion, if you can't see Waikiki Beach, you're literally not missing a thing, because the beautiful beach is overcrowded and barely visible from the crowds. Only a few miles further, the beach is no less gorgeous, but deserted or visited by a few locals at most.

Incidentally, Hawaii is not very suitable for outlet shopping. There is a premium outlet but it is manageable and unspectacular. The malls are pretty (especially the Ala Moana Shopping Mall), but they are no different from shopping malls on the US mainland or in Europe. Honolulu offers extensive shopping opportunities, but they are rather expensive. However, it is charming that you can find many small surfer shops and local shops on the islands and there you can browse and shop for hours.

The Jumping Flea - Factory Tour near Kamaka, KoAloha and Kanilea

And I have to contradict myself directly because one thing that is definitely worth going to Honolulu for is the ukulele factories. Kamaka or KoAloha have their production facilities in the capital, alternatively the Kanilea factory is located on the east coast in Kaneohe. You should definitely visit at least one of these manufacturers to understand this magical little instrument that shapes the image of Hawaii so much and that is indeed ubiquitous on the islands. By the way, it is, in fact, worth it all to visit once (one per trip is enough and as I said, once you've been to Hawaii you always want to go back). Kamaka, in particular, is an incomparable highlight, because the founder's son, now well over 90 years old, often personally guides the visitor groups through the factory and enchants with esprit, wit and an incomparable, contagious laugh. Interestingly, all factories have cultivated their very own design for the ukulele and you learn something new with every tour. They are usually offered Mon-Fri against. It is best to research online or call and ask, but registration is usually not necessary. Curious ?! In the blog post from Uke Supply you can find out more about the manufacturers and their ukuleles: At home with the world's best ukulele manufacturers

Your vacation is over and you are annoyed not to have bought a ukulele? Don't worry, you can also get them in Germany, for example at www.UkeSupply.de, where you can order lots of ukuleles as well as matching ukulele-inspired t-shirts and of course lots of accessories and bring a lot of aloha to your home can have it delivered.

Left Honolulu and South

Makua Beach: remote and lonely, this beach is only shared with the locals. The drive there is also exciting, because it leads through a completely untouristic area and the social grievances become quite clear

Cool mall (haven't been here myself, but it's on top of my list)

Kanile‘a Ukulele Factory & Shop

Kamaka Ukulele Factory & Shop

KoAloha Ukulele Factory & Shop

Nu Pali Lookout: Breathtakingly beautiful!

Cruisin 'the Beaches and the Farmers Markets

Oahu gets really pretty when you drive east from Honolulu and on Waikiki Beach towards Diamond Head. The road leads along deserted beaches, past cliffs, volcanic craters, magical landscapes and very small and only slightly larger places. The way further towards the North Shore along the coast is enchantingly beautiful and conquers the heart with white sandy beaches and a beautiful landscape, characterized by water, blue skies and dramatic, velvety green mountains. Actually only panorama pictures manage to capture this overwhelming beauty of this landscape - even if only in the beginning. You should stop, get out and let this incomparable scenery work its magic on you without any distractions from your camera or smartphone.

On the way north you pass various farmers' markets and it is worth checking online beforehand to see when and where the next one is taking place so as not to miss them. The Farmers Markets - indeed on all islands - are a feast for the senses and you can hardly get enough of the stalls with local, organically grown fruit and vegetables.

Pineapples, which all too often taste sour in Germany and leave an unpleasant burning sensation in the mouth, taste so incomparably sweet and juicy here that you can't get enough of them. The same goes for papayas, mangoes, passion fruit, which bears the golden Hawaiian name "Lilikoi", an almost unbelievable variety of avocados and the tasty apple or ice cream bananas (both heavenly). There are homemade spreads made from nuts, coconut in all possible uses and delicious baked goods - from delicious bread to cakes, health bars and muffins - and everything in these markets is a taste explosion.