Die spiders in the vacuum cleaner

Suck up spiders - yes or no?

Vacuuming up spiders is a proven way to get rid of crawling animals. Here you can find out what happens to the eight-legged creatures and which gentle methods are also good at getting rid of spiders.

Spiders, such as the house spider, find their way into our houses again and again and build their webs in the most unsuitable places. Many people then use the vacuum cleaner, because the fear of crawling animals is widespread. Meanwhile, only about five percent of the German population suffer from a real arachnophobia.

The vacuum cleaner method for eliminating spiders is effective because there is no reason to fear that the sucked-in spider will crawl out of the suction tube unscathed. The reason for this is the high suction speed that the animal hurls against the walls. Depending on the wattage of the vacuum cleaner, a speed of 100 to 140 km / h is created in the hose - the spider hardly has a chance of survival. Even if she survives the bad trip through the suction hose, she cannot survive long in a full bag due to the lack of oxygen. Only small spiders have a short survival time - provided the bag is still empty and therefore contains enough air to breathe. However, once the spiders are inside the vacuum cleaner, there is no going back with modern vacuum cleaners - the hygiene valve closes the transition to the hose.

Procedure when sucking up

If you choose to vacuum clean the spider, you should by all means work with the vacuum cleaner tube and not use a brush. It is also important to set the suction power to the highest level. Only in this way will the animal be sucked in with the greatest possible force and die in the suction tube.

To be absolutely sure that the spider is dead, you can seal the tube airtight for a short time. This creates a negative pressure that the animal cannot survive. If you are still afraid of the spider crawling out of the pipe after the above steps, you should dispose of the bag immediately after sucking in the spider or empty the dust container of the bagless vacuum cleaner.

Sucking up spiders - advantages

The unmistakable advantages of sucking in a spider are its speed and effectiveness. Without coming into contact with the animal in any way, the spider can be disposed of in an uncomplicated way. The animals also like to stretch their nets on blankets or in places that are difficult to reach with the bare hand. A telescopic pole can help here and solve the problem.

Sucking up spiders - disadvantages

It is no secret that spiders are farm animals because they eat annoying insects such as mosquitoes. They are therefore an important part of our ecosystem. By sucking up the spider with the vacuum cleaner, however, the animals have no chance of survival. Therefore, one should consider whether one should not resort to alternatives.

Alternatives to get rid of spiders

  • Glass method
    A well-tried method of capturing spiders is to use a glass: You carefully put it over the animal. Choose a clear container so you don't accidentally injure the spider. Then slide a piece of cardboard or paper underneath and transport the spider outside in the glass. There they are released again.
  • Blown out ostrich egg
    Blown out ostrich eggs give off a smell that spiders find extremely unpleasant. Set them up around the house and the spiders will run away on their own.
  • lavender
    Lavender also helps against spiders. Individual branches, hung on the window, can keep the animals away from your apartment. Lavender oil should work too.
  • Spider catcher
    Spider catchers are a gentle way of removing the animals just as effectively as with a vacuum cleaner. The advantage: the animals stay alive. The spider catchers are available in specialist shops as well as on the Internet. Spider catchers usually have a stick with the “catcher” at the end. This consists of a brush, which is pressed together with the help of a push button and the spider gets caught in the bristles. Then the spider can be transported outside.
  • Fly screens
    It is best to install fly screens on your windows and doors as a precaution. This prevents spiders from even getting into your house.