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"Supervision with and without words"

Supervision and training

Working methods for supervision

What you say to me, I forget.
I remember what you have shown me.
I understand what you make me do.
(Confucius, 551-479 BC)
In my work as a supervisor, I refer to methods of creative gestalt work, systemic perspectives and contextual conditions, socio-psychological and group dynamic insights.
My concept for supervision is integrative and procedural.

Experience-activating, creative media and means from psychodrama, gestalt, art and music therapy, as well as systemic constellation work, body and movement work offer - in addition to the supervisory conversation - broadening insights, expression and design options.
I feel obliged to take a holistic approach to supervision: including theSupervision with and without words.
These insights and knowledge make it easier to find the available resources of the supervisees and to activate them for problem solving. The supporting working relationship and this creative context make it possible to obtain enough energy to expand professional competence.
In addition to the conversation, the language images, metaphors and visualization, the constellations or sculptures, working with creative media and materials is part of the proven processing method in consulting, coaching and supervision processes with Praxis & Vision Consult.
True to the motto: "A picture is worth a thousand words" Supervisees and I repeatedly experience that creative methods in supervision and counseling do not only bring life to linguistic reflection, but also represent an essential approach to non-linguistic, analog communication.

Creative media and methods in supervision

When the creative design, the symbol or the image, becomes the opposite in order to illustrate a conflict, a problem, an event or a fact, its symbolism opens up an idea that is initially inaccessible.
Seeing from a distance, consciously confronting and standing in front of oneself, is a possibility to expand the radius of action in dealing with oneself and others.
Artistic-therapeutic procedures enliven the expressive and creative powers and enable their transfer into general forms of life.
Experiencing this creative process shapes an inner image that coordinates positive individual search processes in a complex way.Consulting, coaching and supervision become a successful and sustainable search process in their own right.
Change work needs creativity and order. It lives from the possibility of looking for new paths and daring the unknown. Your own creative repertoire of action expands, blockages dissolve and innovations receive energy. Advice, coaching or supervision help to implement the new energy and the new knowledge and to let it flow into real projects and orderly channels.
Creative media and methods are used responsibly and are an adequate means of innovative further development for concerns in consulting, coaching and supervision.

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