How do personal trainers find customers

Where do personal trainers work?

Overview of the facilities and institutions where personal trainers work

Personal trainers find numerous and varied fields of activity in a wide variety of institutions:

  • in prevention centers
  • in sports clubs and associations
  • in sports clubs
  • in the preparation of competitions for competitive athletes
  • in gyms
  • as an independent trainer for private individuals
  • in wellness and sports hotels
  • on cruise ships
  • in sports tourism
  • in corporate health management (BGM) in companies
  • in corporate health promotion
  • with health insurance companies
  • as an independent trainer in individual customer care

Due to their advanced qualifications in individual performance and health-oriented care, personal trainers are able to professionally guide customers and respond to specific requests.

In addition to being an employee in the fitness studio and self-employment, there are numerous interesting job opportunities for personal trainers. Due to the increased demand of the population for services in the health and fitness sector, appealing and diverse fields of work are emerging for personal trainers. Since people want to stay flexible and healthy into old age, there are more and more customers who want competent support in health and fitness issues. The number of health-oriented companies has also increased in line with demand, with the range of services and products on offer becoming larger and larger. The fitness market can also be expected to develop positively in the future.

The daily work of a personal trainer is therefore very varied and diverse. This is precisely why a basic qualification as a fitness trainer is necessary in order to meet the requirements of a personal trainer.

With additional qualifications, such as training as a rehab trainer, you gain a competitive advantage and additional career opportunities arise.

Here you can find out more about personal trainer training.

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