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4 things you have to experience in Singapore and 4 things you can really save yourself

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The city-state of Singapore is the trend destination for 2015. Where previously nobody wanted to see Singapore, now everyone really wants to go. This is mainly due to the many possibilities and attractions on site. Of course, the climate with a constant 30 degrees every month speaks for itself.

Singapore became really known and popular thanks to the Marina Bay and Sands Hotel. Do you know that? The infinity pool with the skyline in the background? Yes this is Singapore! So that you don't fall into the typical tourist traps during your trip, I would like to introduce you to the things that are definitely worthwhile. Also, here are 4 things you can really save yourself in Singapore!

You should definitely see:

The Marina Bay and Sands Hotel

It has always been a dream of mine to bathe in this unique infinity pool with a view of the skyline. Just hop into the pool, which is almost 200 meters above sea level, to enjoy the view. Unfortunately nothing has come of it (so far). The pool is only available to hotel guests and as a hotel guest you need a pretty big wallet! An overnight stay without breakfast starts at 400 euros.

If, like me, you don't have the necessary change either, I have a very special tip for you: visit the hotel's KUDETA bar. This bar is open to the public and is just a few meters from the pool. So you can enjoy the same wonderful view, only that you have a cocktail in hand and you don't cool off in the water.

The Marina Bay and Sands Hotel is generally accessible to everyone in the public areas. For the KUDETA Bar, you should dress a little more chic and you will find yourself on the roof of the hotel. The cocktails there are a bit more expensive than usual - the view is priceless.

Singapore in miniature - the National Gallery

Singapore is a huge city-state and it's amazing how many green spaces Singapore has! You can see incredibly exciting things with a free visit to the National Gallery.

On the one hand you see the development of Singapore in the last decades as well as an outlook into the future. Did you know that Singapore consists of over 135 square kilometers of raised land? It is really very interesting to see what the city of Singapore has achieved and is doing for its citizens. The standard of living in Singapore is very high and impressive.

As a highlight, you can see Singapore again in miniature at the very end

Chinatown: Of temples, delicious Food and lots of souvenirs

Singapore is a city full of contrasts. You'll find that out too when you get to Chinatown! Suddenly there are little houses with Chinese scripts, many different temples, mini shops with souvenirs of all kinds and lots of food stalls and restaurants!

Chinatown is definitely worth a visit - we promise! You shouldn't miss this part of the city just because of the good and cheap food and the many temples!

Mount Faber

Mount Faber is just before Sentosa Island and offers a breathtaking view of the city and the islands. You can also see the huge cargo ships from up there. This look is really great!

The best thing to do is to take the bus to Mount Faber. Otherwise you can also take the MRT to Harbor Front and then hike up the mountain. The sweat is worth it. Once at the top there are various viewpoints and restaurants with great views!

You can really save yourself these 4 things in Singapore

The openüSentosa Island

The island of Sentosa is made up of stones and sand and has pretty much everything there is to offer. Starting with the Unsiversal Studios, the various climbing parks, various restaurants, hotels, roller coasters and of course the many beaches. Basically, everything on Sentosa is pretty darn expensive. The hotels cost at least 100 euros per night. Eating and drinking is also a lot more expensive than in the city center.

Unfortunately, the beaches themselves are not that nice either. Lots and lots of people are out and about on the beaches, so that you don't always have your peace. I've also seen beaches that were a lot cleaner and the view of the cargo ships isn't the most beautiful either! If you want to swim a day, you can definitely go to Sentosa. For longer bathing stays, I recommend that you fly somewhere else. How about Bali

The Gardens by the Bay

The entry fee of 28 Singapore dollars is way too high for what is on offer in my opinion. The Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome can be visited quickly and you can see some different types of plants.

In my opinion it is not worth the money. Better to visit the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. This is a large park in the middle of Singapore with a lot of green areas and plant species. By the way, admission there is free!

Little India

Some love it, others hate it. I am of the second kind. Already when we got out of the MRT and walked through the huge market hall, a stench spread that was unbearable. Really: I almost vomited! Actually, I'm not at all sensitive to something like that, but that wasn't normal!

Otherwise you can just stroll along the alleys and visit the many shops. After a few hours we drove straight on again.

The Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer looks similar to the London Eye. A ride on the Ferris wheel takes almost an hour and certainly offers you a great view of the city - especially at night! However, I personally think the 23 euro entry fee for the ride in the giant gondolas is a bit too much. Better to invest the money in cocktails at the KUDETA Bar. From there you have the best view anyway!

You can find more information about Singapore in my country article Singapore - a city and many facets.

What things did you like in Singapore and what do you think is not worthwhile? Please leave us a comment on it.