What is the tariff value


Check out yours Plane ticket on, there are several components that make up the whole Airfare results. Many use the term “flight price” synonymously with the term “flight ticket price”, which is why this term has established itself. How the Ticket price for flights you can read about it in this article.

How is the fare made up?

The Ticket price for a flight consists of at least three components. These are the pure price for the flight, taxes and fees as well as the service fee. At Low cost airlines and short-haul flights that do not include checked baggage, baggage fees are added in some cases. In some cases, credit card fees are due. Depending on > Airline, Route and aircraft type, the components to be paid vary.

Example: Airfare for a Lufthansa return flight (Düsseldorf - Palma de Mallorca)


The flight price (or base fare) is the price for the flight only (without surcharges) charged by the airline. The flight price differs depending on the flight duration, type of aircraft and travel time.

Taxes and Fees

The collective term “taxes and fees” brings together the costs that an airline collects for third parties. These include airport fees, surcharges, and taxes that a particular state charges. The taxes and fees are part of the total ticket price. This does not include the fuel surcharge (kerosene surcharge) levied by the airline. Nevertheless, it is summarized under the collective term “taxes and fees”. This disguises the fact that you pay the fuel surcharge directly to the airline and that it is not a state tax.

Service fee

The service fee includes the costs of issuing and selling the flight ticket. Since 2004 the travel agencies have not received any commission from the Airlines. The service fee replaced them. The service fees cover the remuneration for all services of the travel agencies and online portals. For this reason, you will not receive a refund of the service fee if you cancel.

Payment fee

In particular, low-cost airlines such as Ryanair or Easyjet charge additional payment fees when booking. If you pay with a credit card, you have to pay a surcharge. Other airlines also charge a fee, depending on the country of departure. These include, for example Lufthansa, Swiss International Airlines, Austrian Airlines, British Midlands and Brussels Airlines with departure countries Belgium, Germany, Finland, Great Britain, the Netherlands or Switzerland.

Baggage charge

Some airlines combine the flight price from the baggage charge. In some cases, additional charges apply for taking luggage with you. With airlines in which only hand luggage is included in the flight price, you have to pay extra for the checked baggage. All Baggage and hand baggage regulations I have summarized the various airlines for you in another article.

Meaning of the abbreviations on the flight tickets

Many do not know the meaning of the various abbreviations on the flight tickets. That's why I've listed them here for you.

What do you get from knowing how the airfare is made up?

After you know what components the Airfare put together, you can pay close attention to it the next time you search for low-cost flights. The fees vary depending on the airline and the country being flown to. For example, there are states that forbid airlines from levying a fuel surcharge. If you pay attention to which states these are, you can save a lot when buying airline tickets. This principle is called Fuel dumping, bypassing the fuel surcharge.

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