Why is FOX News so successful

The end of a powerful alliance : How Fox News turned away from Trump

It wasn't the first time Donald Trump had criticized his favorite channel, Fox News. But on Thursday he struck a blow against the conservative channel on Twitter, which foreshadowed the end of what is arguably the most powerful alliance between the White House and a medium in recent US history.

“The ratings have completely collapsed. Even worse during the day on the weekend. Very sad to see this but they forgot what made them successful, what got them there. You forgot the golden goose. The biggest difference between the 2016 and 2020 election was Fox News, ”wrote Trump on Twitter.

With the golden goose he was obviously referring to himself - as a ratings magnet for the conservative news broadcaster of the media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Trump is furious at Fox News, the broadcaster that has been loyal to him for the past few years.

Because the channel recognizes Joe Biden's election victory and treats Trump's unsubstantiated claims about election fraud, at least in the daytime programs, critically. Trump's revenge: He spread a series of messages on Twitter on Thursday from unknown users who were disappointed. One of them read: "Fox News is dead".

Donald Trump and Fox News - this is an alliance that began years before the real estate magnate's sensational move into the White House. As early as 2011, he called "Fox and Friends" on Mondays as an integral part of the morning show. As a White House candidate, he not only received benevolent reports, but also many unfiltered interviews.

The pursuit of power

Murdoch - who also owns a number of other Fox stations as well as the newspapers "Wall Street Journal" and "New York Post" - is said to have not liked him personally, as many observers of the scene described. But he saw in Trump the historic opportunity to expand his power to the core of the White House.

The plan worked, and Fox News became more than just a news channel. He gave more room to Trump's untruths than other major channels. The opinion broadcasts in the evening were filled with Trump-friendly moderators. Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham refer to Trump as his "friends" - every day they deliver a program of homage that is reminiscent of government propaganda.

In his book "Hoax", the CNN media journalist - who reports extremely critical of the president - describes the manifold links between the Trump administration and Fox News. The channel is a "propaganda machine like the United States had never seen before," writes Brian Stelter.

And an echo chamber: Trump drew ideas for his politics from the programs, which then reported on his politics with praise. According to a survey from May 2019, Trump enjoyed a significantly higher level of approval for his work among Fox News consumers than among viewers of other broadcasters.

Stelter portrays Sean Hannity as one of the most important advisors to Trump during his presidency. He is said to have influenced personnel and directional decisions. Hannity is not the only one in the president's ears: According to reports, Trump is said to have canceled a planned attack on Iran that could have led to war, also because of Tucker Carlson. This had previously advertised restraint in his broadcast.

Behind the scenes of Fox News, two camps face each other: the employees of the opinion shows and the news journalists such as Chris Wallace, who also moderated the first TV duel between Trump and Biden. According to Stelter, the latter were increasingly frustrated during the presidency by the list that the station had received from the commentators.

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The US election was the time for news reporters and independent data analysts for the channel. On election night, the station proclaimed the "Swing State" Arizona for Biden early. According to the "New York Times" a shock for the Trump team. President's son-in-law Jared Kushner called Murdoch and tried to persuade the station to withdraw - in vain.

When Biden had the necessary 270 votes from the electoral college, the broadcaster named Biden the "elected president". Fox News reporter caught attention when he said of a Trump team allegation about alleged election irregularities: “That's not true. That's not true. That's just not true. "

And moderator Neil Cavuto switched from a press conference with a Trump spokeswoman on the same topic after a few moments. His reasoning: "If she doesn't have more details to prove it, I can't show you with a clear conscience."

This upset not only Trump, but also some of his supporters, who are now accusing Fox of treason against the president and want to switch to smaller TV channels such as OANN (One America News Network) or Newsmax. These regularly distort the truth beyond recognition.

Newsmax's ratings have risen many times over in the past few days. Trump said that he personally congratulated Newsmax boss Christopher Ruddy in a call from the Oval Office.

Trump had repeatedly threatened that mainstream media who reported negatively about him would suffer bitterly after his departure - in fact, US media such as Fox News or the "New York Times" have won subscribers and viewers because of Trump. In the political struggle for survival, the outgoing president could now turn away from his station.

But what's next? “Trump wants control,” journalist Stelter quotes an informant in his book, which was published shortly before the election. "He wants Trump TV". His own media empire. Trump could therefore soon vie for the favor of the audience as an opponent of Murdoch, with many broadcast hours just for his view of the world, directly from his domicile Mar-a-Lago in Florida - possibly with shows for his children Ivanka, Eric and Don Junior. "Trump is like Fox's Frankenstein," Stelter quotes another source. "You helped create it, and it's out of control."

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