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The Bible in the standard translation


The Book of Amos, Chapter 7


The visions and a biographical report: 7.1 - 9.6


The first vision: The Plague of Locusts: 7.1-3

On 7.1The Lord God showed me this in a vision: He was creating locusts just as the spring seed was beginning to grow [the spring seed follows the pruning for the king].On 7.2They set about eradicating all the green in the land. So I cried: God, my Lord, forgive! What should become of Jacob? He's so small.On 7.3The Lord regretted it and said: It should not happen..

The second vision: The embers: 7.4-6

On 7.4This God, the Lord, showed me in a vision: God, the Lord, called the fire to punish and the fire devoured the great flood and was about to swallow up the land of Jacob.On 7.5So I shouted: God, my lord, stop! What should become of Jacob? He's so small.On 7.6The Lord regretted it and said, "That shouldn't happen either.".

The third vision: The plumb line: 7.7-9

On 7.7The Lord God showed me this in a vision: He was standing on a wall with a plumb line in his hand.On the 7thAnd the Lord asked me: What do you see, Amos? I replied: a plumb line. Then the Lord said, Look, I will test my people Israel with the plumb line. I will not spare it again.On 7.9Isaac's cult heights are devastated and Israel's sanctuaries destroyed; with sword in hand I rise against the house of Jeroboam..

The expulsion of the prophet

On 7.10Amaziah, the priest of Beth-El, sent word to Jeroboam king of Israel: In the midst of the house of Israel, Amos is calling for a revolt against you; his words are unbearable to the country.On 7.11For Amos says: Jeroboam dies by the sword and Israel must leave their land and go into exile.On 7.12But Amaziah said to Amos: Go, seer, flee into the land of Judah. Eat your bread there and act as a prophet there!On 7.13In Bet-El you are no longer allowed to speak as a prophet; for this is a king's sanctuary and a kingdom temple.On 7.14Amos replied to Amaziah: I am not a prophet or a prophet student, but I am a cattle breeder and I grow sycamore figs.On 7.15But the Lord took me away from my flock and said to me: Go and speak as a prophet to my people Israel.On 7.16So now hear the word of the Lord! You say: Do not appear as a prophet against Israel and do not prophesy against the house of Isaac!On 7.17Therefore - thus says the Lord: Your wife will live in the city as a prostitute, your sons and daughters will fall under the sword, your farmland will be distributed with the measuring line, but you yourself will die in an unclean land and Israel must leave its land and into to draw exile.