What are primary rocks


Composition / properties
It is characterized by a silky sheen on the surface. This is due to the formation of new minerals during metamorphosis. These are the mica minerals serizite and muscovite. Mica schists are mined by splitting. The splitting takes place in layers rich in mica. The mica mineral content appears to be higher than it actually is, as these occur more frequently in the area of ​​the cleavage surfaces. The metamorphosis resulted in a transformation of the former clay slate, which served as primary rock. Compared to clay slate, mica slate is much more difficult to scratch.

Application / use
Mica slate is used in all indoor and outdoor areas, often as stone, e.g. for floor coverings, but not as a classic covering for the roof. They are usually frost-resistant. The rough surface increases the slip resistance. Mica slates have different surface evenness, depending on the type of trade. In general, rocks produced by cleavage technology have larger surface unevenness compared to rocks that are sawn from rough blocks, such as granite. For this reason, wider joints should be created with such coverings in order to be able to compensate for the differences in height between adjacent panels.

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