Has a baseball pitcher ever played catch?

Suspending a mug for misconduct

If you think about the math, banning a starting player for five games will prevent that player from contributing to their team for the next five games. If a pitcher was only able to make a meaningful contribution to that one start during this period, a five-game rip, even though it really only affects one start, still has the same result that the player cannot contribute to five games.

Plus, you never know what might happen. If the pitcher is to start game 1 and has to switch to a temporarily shortened rotation (pitcher in game 3 gets food poisoning), this can cost two starts. If they get into a marathon extra inning game, that pitcher cannot be beaten in the 18th inning for a single left-handed player, as the manager may have wanted.

In either scenario, the net effect of not being able to contribute to five games is the same.

If you had an unpitched banker who was a backup and was mainly used as a substitute or prize hitter, how would that rate for suspension for engaging in a bank clearance brawl? Would you also need a different kind of calculus? In general, the easier it is to obey a rule, the less subjective it is and the less opportunity there is for controversy over the arbitrary treatment of one player against another.