Is Post Malone gay

Post Malone reportedly dating Korean rapper MLMA

After Posty separated from his long-term girlfriend in late 2018, he is said to have a new queen of hearts in his life.

End of his relationship
"The seasons change and our love has grown cold [...] I have the feeling that I have to let go [...] You thought it was something special, it was just the sex."

With these lines in the track "Circles", Post Malone had confirmed in August 2019 that he had separated from his long-term friend Ashlen Diaz. For three years the musician was with the brown-haired beauty, who was behind the musician even before his big breakthrough and in the end had to watch how Posty got one face tattoo after the other ...

New love?
A good 18 months have passed since the breakup and Post Malone finally seems to be in firm hands again. At least that's what the US portal said “Rap-up” and confirmed the dating rumors. The “Sunflower” interpreter is said to have laughed at the Korean rapper MLMA after they first sent each other sweet comments via Instagram and finally uploaded a series of joint pictures online.

Post Malone is allegedly dating rapper MLMA

- Pop Tingz (@ThePopTingz) August 10, 2020

“I made up the cutest face,” wrote the artist under one of the photos. Matching this, Posty and MLMA also wore the same rings and posed for countless other pictures.

post malone hanging out with mlma oh yeahh

- rigby (@ 1800sellout) August 4, 2020

Malone has not yet presented any videos or snapshots to his followers, while the Korean not only created entire slideshows, but also published a sexy drawing with her dream man and had her name embroidered on a jacket.

Appropriately, she commented on the post: "I just want him to be happy and I like to be in love ..."