How can I address girls at parties

Address women in the club: This is how it works in the disco!

Whether with friends or alone: ​​this party should be legendary! Of course, this also includes hot girls. That's why you're wondering how you can address women in the club.

The question is justified, my dear!

Because I know it from myself before. Back then I was always terrified that I would stand idly in the corner with the beer glass all evening ...

... only to end up dodging home alone in frustration.

The sight was particularly painful when other men were snogging wildly with attractive ladies on the dance floor and finally even towed them home for the mattress sport.

Do you know this feeling, this mixture of envy, longing for love and the thought “I failed”?

One wonders desperately:

“Why the hell didn't I dare to approach a woman at the party and flirt with her? The chances were actually there ... "

But no worry!

With my tips in this blog article, I'll show you how you can overcome your shyness and get in touch with the beauties so that you don't regret the evening.

Addressing women in the disco: the 10 steps to happiness!

Most men are terribly mistaken when it comes to easily approaching women in the club.

They think their success at flirting depends entirely on how they look, how well they move around while dancing, or what they say to the cute party mouse.

It is of course true that these factors have an important influence.

Not that you get me wrong.

But I tell you: The game is decided (similar to soccer) well BEFORE - not in the 70th or 80th minute, but before the game starts when warming up.

How I mean that is self-explanatory with the tips in the following step-by-step instructions from preparation to kissing and sex:

1. Get perfect styling for the evening

Women also pay attention to their appearance when they meet a man. And I am sure that you are not "ugly", you just have to dress up a bit.

A well-groomed appearance includes: a neat hairstyle, trimmed beard, trimmed fingernails and a clean skin that does not remind you of crumble cake.

How you dress properly depends, of course, on the club you go to.

But as a rule of thumb I can tell you:

With a single-colored, long-sleeved shirt, classy-looking jeans plus leather belt and (matching) clean leather shoes, you cut a good figure in most shops.

As the icing on the cake, I recommend an eye-catching accessory, such as a bracelet, necklace or hat. For many women, this is a welcome hook to address YOU, so that it is much easier for you to start a conversation.

Oh yes: A nice smelling perfume can have a magical effect on the opposite sex ...

2. Get you in the best party mood

For success in addressing women in clubs, it is crucial that you are in a good mood and have a positive charisma.

The sun just has to shine out of your bum and light up the room.

Because: People go out on the weekend in the evening to have fun with other people ...

... and not to meet a Grinch-like bully who stands in the corner all the time and makes a face like at a funeral!

The best way to get into the party mood is by NOT thinking about women at first, but meeting your friends for a (moderate!) Pre-drink, listening to cool music with them and just fooling around as much as you can.

If you are going to party alone, it is a particular challenge to put yourself in a good mood.

Then I recommend you watch funny comedy series or call a good friend with whom you fool around on the phone.

3. Observe the saving 3-minute rule

In the past I often found this "law" in clubs:

If I couldn't speak to a woman in the disco for the first 3 minutes, that didn't change for the next 3 hours either.

And other men I went out to party with felt the same way.

So the longer you hesitate and wait, the harder it will be to bring yourself to flirt! In the worst case, you just stand around like a wooden post for hours ...

There are three reasons for this failure:

  • You hardly manage to get out of the quark and overcome your shyness because you signal to your subconscious: "Hey, today is apparently the I-don't-talk-to-strangers-evening!"
  • Women can tell when you're an unsociable guy who prefers to sneak up to the bar and get a beer instead of talking to other people. That seems rather unsexy, which is why the basket risk increases.
  • If you get negative reactions from this unattractive behavior, it intimidates you even more, which further increases your fear of being addressed.

To break this vicious circle, you should talk to people in the first 3 minutes of your club visit - regardless of whether they are women or men.

There are many opportunities to be found:

  • In line for the club at the entrance
  • With a bouncer or cloakroom woman
  • Inside with a bartender, DJ and of course other guests

Simple small talk is enough to start a conversation. Say something like:

  • Pretty full here today, right? Is that because of the long weekend?
  • Where are the hot girls here now?"(Jokingly to other men)
  • Which DJ is playing today?

Another tip: It is not important WHAT you say or whether this results in a longer conversation or a flirt. Do not put yourself under any pressure or stress!

At this early point in time, it is only about putting yourself (psychologically) into an open-minded, talkative state - and also signaling this attitude to the outside world.

4. Please drink only a little alcohol

At some point in the course of the evening there is often a time when you can get a beer or other drink with your buddies.

But does this behavior fit in with flirting?

I don't have to explain that you shouldn't talk to women in the club while drunk. However, I do not believe in this "no drop of alcohol" dogma.

Just have a beer or two until you are in the mood but can still think and talk crystal clear.

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5. "Warm up" on the dance floor

Most men make the mistake of getting a drink early in the evening and then standing in the corner for the rest of the evening.

This will quickly mark you as a bore - and that makes it difficult to come into contact with women while flirting in a club.

Tip: The easiest way to get out of this sluggishness is to go to the dance floor for a few minutes and fidget hard.

This is a quick way to show that you are a guy you can have fun with. This attracts the interest of the female guests like a magnet.

Of course you can also dance to women - as described in the following blog article. However, I do not recommend that if you are a complete beginner.

First of all, you have to assert yourself against a lot of male competition on the dance floor because most guys are trying to grab something here.

In addition, when dancing, body language and appearance are the main factors. If you are not a professional dancer or a top model, you have rather bad cards and quickly collect a basket.

Or you just go to learn to dance and put a hot sole on the floor that makes all other men look old ...

6. Address women: the best places

Where can you go now to flirt successfully?

If you want to have a relaxed conversation, you shouldn't hang around like any idiot on the dance floor, where the bass is booming.

Screaming into each other's ears like a black metal singer is just not fun for anyone ...

In order to address women in the club, I therefore recommend quieter areas:

  • Bars
  • Chillout area
  • Smoking area / outside area
  • in front of the toilets
  • at the cloakroom

The noise level is lower here, so you can start a conversation undisturbed.

I can already hear you say:

"But Andy, there was this Chica on the dance floor, who wiggled her Latina bottom so sharply ... and should I go to the boring quiet areas?"

Yes trust me

At times in clubs it may seem like you can only find the hottest girls on the dance floor. But the impression is wrong.

EVERY woman goes to have a smoke at some point in the evening, to the toilet, to get a drink ...

And that is the moment when YOU mercilessly take your chance and cast the line!

I know guys who don't set foot on the dance floor all evening and still end up snogging wildly on the sofa with a girl.

Well, these guys were just in the right place at the right time to approach the girl!

7. Don't hesitate, go to her

There is this old rule that you should speak to a woman for the first 3 seconds as soon as you see her.

So you have to learn to act like a bolt of oiled lightning right away.

This tip for newbies has its reasons:

  • In these 3 seconds your brain has no time to give you stupid excuses NOT to speak to the woman. If you hesitate too long, you will be paralyzed and your fear will only increase ... until you no longer address them at all!
  • Women notice this when you creep around them like a shy kitten and hesitate. That makes you unattractive, because especially when flirting in the disco, self-confidence and dominance count.

Also, there is no point in waiting forever until the woman signals interest with eye contact or a smile and gives you a clear request to speak to you in the disco.

Forget that, even if it sounds good in the gray theory!

Because at parties the girls are so distracted by their friends, drinks and music that they often ignore you.

The moral of the story ‘: Go immediately and speak to them confidently, without hesitation!

8. Sayings you can say to her

Okay, you stand there with a pounding heart and walk towards her ... and at the same time you have the feeling that you have a knot in your tongue (which hopefully does not come from the alcohol).

Hence the question: What can you say to her in order to successfully start a conversation?

The absolute no-go's

You don't want to get a bloody nose while hitting the ground (in a figurative sense)?

Here are some typical sentences that you should NOT use:

  • Hey, I just saw you and I want to get to know you!"(Good when flirting on the street, but too weak when partying because too many men do it)
  • Wow, you are pretty / you can dance really well!"(Even direct compliments work rather badly in clubs)
  • Here, I want to buy you a drink!"(Acts as if you consider yourself such a boring guy that you need to buy her attention ...)
  • Do you come here often?"(The most boring flirtation in the disco at all)
  • Your father must be a thief because he put the stars in your eyes!"(Do you have to say something about such memorized pick-up lines?)
  • Where are you going to the toilet here?"(Laaaaaaaaaaa boring!)

What to say instead

Instead of submissive, boring or serious conversations, you should always address women in the club with funny topics.

Here are a few tips to help you find the right words:

  • What's the worst pick-up line you've heard tonight?"(You can then gossip together in a humorous way. You also show empathy, because you know how much women are annoyed by clumsy attempts at digging.)
  • Who cheats more often, men or women?"(These controversial gender issues are always good as long as it doesn't get political)
  • I need your opinion: Who is cooler, Chuck Norris or Gandalf?
  • What would you do if you could be a man for a day?"(Inconspicuously draws attention to sexual issues, as answers often come like:" pee standing up ")
  • Can you order a drink for me? I think you women get here faster ..."(If there is a long line at the bar)

Be creative! As long as you are in the right party mood, the ideas for cool pick-up lines will come naturally.

If the woman laughs now and gives a funny answer, you already have a foot in the door.

What about a basket? No matter! You have to learn to take it easy and crack jokes about it with your buddies.

Apparently she's in a bad mood today, or you're just not her type ... It's best to move to the other corner of the shop and try another lady who is a little more open.

9. Tips: Address women in groups

Now another sip from the well of truth: In very few cases you will find the lady all alone while partying.

If so, she is sure to be looking for sex and may be seduced quickly (if you want to find an exciting one-night stand).

Most of the time, however, there is a good friend, or even several friends.

And sometimes you run into a mixed group in clubs where the girls have other men in tow - hopefully just their good buddies.

Why a direct pick-up doesn't work here

In this constellation, you cannot immediately rush to the "object of your desire" and speak to the woman, for several reasons:

  • The men in the group will see you as annoying competition, regardless of whether one is the woman's steady partner or just her good friend.
  • Girlfriends often do not allow each other the success of getting to know a man because they do not receive anything themselves that evening.
  • The group doesn't know you and is accordingly suspicious at the beginning. Therefore everyone tries first to protect the woman from you.

In the event of sudden "enemy contact" with you, it will quickly happen that the alpha animal from the group will shoot you troublemakers on the moon.

Instead, "crack" the groups like this ...

But it is not at all difficult to learn to speak to the woman in the disco when she is out with several people.

You always have to follow these 4 steps:

  • You first address the entire group or the person who you do NOT want to put on their underwear ("Hey, quick question, I need your opinion ..."). So everyone can see that you are a cool guy who does not pose any danger.
  • You ask how people know each other from, so that you don't accidentally stab a wasp's nest when you later hit the lady and the grim guy next to her is her lover.
  • In the course of the conversation you turn more and more to your actual "target object" and start flirting with her.
  • At some point you take them away from the group, but with a good reason: "Hey guys, can I borrow your girlfriend for a minute? We want to get something to drink at the bar / have a smoke etc. It only takes 5 minutes.

Most of the time, this plan works fine. Not that difficult, is it?

10. Conquer the girl for kiss & sex

Congratulations, you did it! You dared to speak to the woman in the disco. What's next in the next step?

I explained to you above that dancing to women is often not the smartest strategy.

However, this tip only applies to the first contact in the club if you have not yet exchanged a word.

If you have spoken to the woman and aroused her interest, it is completely different: In this situation, you should suggest that she go dancing.

Touch them physically

Now you can easily make body contact on the dance floor if you haven't dared to do it before.

Take her hands while dancing, later you can also grip her hips if she allows you to

Remember: touching is part of flirting and seducing, like the amen in church!

In addition, the change of location brings a welcome change.That gives her more tingling than if you sit on the couch like a sack of rice all evening.

And when you dance, the kiss is almost in the air, because it is not for nothing that they say that a dance is the prelude to vertical sex.

If you still can't kiss her successfully, you should do the following:

Go back to quiet areas!

When you've danced and need a break, you can return to the chill-out area to sit on a comfortable sofa.

Now, in the next step, it is time for even deeper conversations in which you also awaken their sexual desire for you.

The whole affair should of course take place in an undisturbed atmosphere, so that no monkeys or their friends can interfere.

You should continue the conversation and flirt with the woman until she gives you her cell phone number - or shoves her tongue straight down your throat ...

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