Is Eggplant Good For You Why

When are eggplants healthy, when are they poisonous?

When cooked, ripe aubergines are healthy and safe to eat. At least modern eggplant varieties are not poisonous when raw, but they are also not very tasty. Above all, it is important that the Mediterranean vegetables are ripe. Otherwise the contained solanine can lead to health problems. Therefore, you should let unripe aubergines ripen before preparing them.

Like tomatoes and potatoes, eggplants are nightshades. These plants naturally contain solanine, a mildly poisonous chemical compound that can lead to nausea, stomach problems and kidney irritation, and in high doses can also damage the nervous system. Children in particular are at risk in this regard. Solanine occurs in the green areas of still unripe aubergines - once the fruit has got its typical dark purple color, there is no longer any solanine.

However, modern breeds contain very few bitter substances, including solanine. For this reason, there is no need to fear serious symptoms of poisoning. It is therefore no longer necessary to cut eggplants into slices and salt them before cooking, in order to pour off the escaping sap including the bitter substances. However, the method of preparation makes the vegetables softer in consistency. The extraction of the sap is also beneficial when preparing grilled eggplants, fried or fried eggplants. It is not necessary for our eggplant rolls.

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