What are Quora Credits 3

Quora: the sport of knowledge

When I started with Quora, I was intrigued by the sleek finish and simple aesthetic. Like many people, I didn't start posting right away. I followed the pages every now and then until I felt like I got enough of it to dive in. I loved that my questions and answers were centralized and my activities were logged. I loved that I existed there as an entity in one central place. This was something I never got from other question and answer sites. What I liked most was that there were ways, too score .

No, definitely not in the way you think.

As a psychological incentive, website users receive “Quora Credits” for writing good questions or answers. There is a lot of talk on Quora about these credits, what they represent, and whether or not there should be an up and down voting system at all. Most of this debate comes from a decidedly core group of individuals who claim that this is all nonsense. One should not ask for "goodies" (digital or otherwise) for asking or answering questions, and this should be respected as something sacred, pure and incorruptible. Earning "points" for your thoughts is easy not correct .

Of course they are probably right. Sharing human knowledge has been the cornerstone of most of the philosophies related to the good life. That fact won't go unnoticed by this writer - I spend most of the days scanning the Quora front feed, enjoying not only how much I can learn, but how much some people do already knowledge. Just recently I learned that Quora definitely makes you smarter - but it also lets you see how far you have to go. (Here's a great example)

But there is this other facet of the pursuit of knowledge that drives us to something else. Something that makes it seem okay to maintain the concept of creating hierarchies for questions and answers and awarding points for a job well done. That thing - the thirst for knowledge sports - is exactly what satisfies Quora. Yes - I absolutely believe in spreading knowledge in every way I can (it's definitely a better one for a smarter planet), but there's another part of me that wants to say, “Let's see what you do have! "is a further Part of me who (after a long time) wants to be honored for those ungrateful hours in my life I have read or thought while others are buffets at Monster Truck rallies, Pat Benatar concerts or whatever you can eat. Isn't it just a little nice to have a place where our little obsessive geniuses are not only respected but also rewarded?

Yes, I could give a TED talk or edit a Wikipedia page. The former has too many barriers to entry, and the latter is just good to disguise most of the time. What can I say? I am human I will keep trying to be smart. But it doesn't hurt to get a few imaginary credits for my insights every now and then.

Are there any flaws in the current system? Absolutely. Celebrities and super users can get so quickly and so much encouragement that they often bury other (sometimes more terrible) answers. Despite all the shortcomings, it is difficult to imagine a system that can better identify the best minds in a given subject area (without ivory tower editors or a council of elders).

Perhaps most importantly, credits and upvotes become increasingly less useful over time. For example, I couldn't tell how many credits I currently have - and I don't care. I also don't think too much about whether or not a question gets the cascade of upvotes I was looking for. More and more answers to my questions and answers make me come back. I am happy to say that I have formed amazing relationships with those I have followed on the site.

Now that's first, yes ... I wanted the goodies. When it comes to getting someone to the site, so be it. The more heads that hover in the hallowed halls of Quora, the better.

The point is this: if you are reading this, chances are that you have some interesting knowledge on your mind. Or some really great questions that Google can't answer for you. If so, how about creating an account with Quora and losing some knowledge of our ignorant skulls? Don't forget to follow me first.