Stopping masturbation increases penis size

Doctor Sex: "Does masturbation stop penis growth?"


Mathieu suspects that daily masturbation has a negative impact on penis growth. Doctor Sex gives the all-clear ...

Question from Mathieu (16) to Doctor Sex: Could it be that the penis does not grow properly due to too frequent masturbation? I find my cock too small and have the assumption that this comes from daily masturbation.

Do not worry, dear Mathieu: daily masturbation does not affect the growth of the penis.

The male member grows until the end of puberty. For boys, this begins around the age of 11 and can last different lengths of time. As a rule, however, penis growth is completed by the age of 18, sometimes even earlier.

A myth has it that a longer penis means better sex or gives women a more intense orgasm. Most women do not even have an orgasm just by getting their penis in and out; additional stimulation of the clitoris is necessary for this. In addition, a large penis can also be scary: some young women fear the first time because they think that a large, stiff penis could cause them pain or injure them.

The hard facts about penis growth

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