What are the examples of strong people

Mental strength, what does that actually mean?

I get asked this question over and over again.

If you look up the term, you will get a multitude of definitions, some of them different.
Here are 2 examples:

Dr. James Loehr (2001, p. 20 f.) Defines mental strength as follows:

"Mental strength is the ability to move at one's upper limit regardless of the competition conditions."


"Mental strength is the ability to perform at the decisive moment under the given conditions". (Venzl, 1993).


For me, mental strength can be defined and summarized as follows:

“Mental strength is the key competence for our personal success. It is the power within us that is responsible for how successfully we can deal with challenges and how successfully we can still use our full potential in unexpected events and under changed and stress-related framework conditions. "


Mental strength can be found in all people who can implement their goals particularly successfully. Regardless of whether they are top athletes, executives or top performers in a specific area.

Not only the control of conscious processes is important here, the subconscious and intuition also play a central role in mentally strong people.

If one analyzes the characteristics of mentally strong people, similarities can be observed and determined here. There are special skills that these people have developed and trained.

The following 9 characteristics particularly distinguish people with mental strength:

1. You don't give up

If Edison had given up after 10 unsuccessful attempts to make electric light, mankind would surely have sat in the dark for a long time after sunset. It has more than 4000! Needed failed attempts by Edison to realize his vision. This inner attitude to overcoming failed attempts and obstacles is a basic essence of mentally strong people. It is the special ability not to be discouraged in the event of setbacks and to consistently pursue the personal vision and goal despite major obstacles.


2. You know your emotions

Mentally strong people are aware of their emotions and are able to recognize your negative, often unconscious, destructive feelings. For this to succeed, it requires a thorough questioning of the self-dialogue and an examination of personal thought patterns that are anchored in our subconscious. The basic requirement for this is to be actively involved, to question yourself honestly and to keep minimizing your personal blind spots through self-awareness.


3. You take responsibility for yourself

If something does not go as we want, it is very easy to find the blame for it on the outside: the boss is to blame, the sales targets were too high, the circumstances are responsible. Mentally strong people have recognized the power that comes from taking responsibility for themselves. If we don't take responsibility ourselves, if we don't succeed in something, we involuntarily put ourselves in a passive victim role. Conversely, assuming personal responsibility means that we change from being a victim to being a designer and can actively change the respective situation again. Mentally strong people take responsibility, accept the status quo and actively develop solution strategies from it.


4. You can achieve your best performance even under stress and strain

As in sport, there are also competitive situations in business, therefore moments that are particularly important to us in order to be able to provide our best possible performance with pinpoint accuracy. In these situations, mentally strong people are in control of their full potential, regardless of nervousness, stress and emotional strain. The basic requirement for this is a strong self-confidence, the ability to stay in the middle even in exceptional situations and to be able to relax, focus and concentrate at the "push of a button". Mentally strong people know and use the connections between body and mind and vice versa, hence our thoughts on the body. It is possible to train yourself to "bring yourself back down" from a high state of excitement and nervousness within a few seconds, mentally strong people know how to do it.


5. You accept change quickly

A critical ability to achieve goals is the ability to quickly adapt positively to changed framework conditions, to accept them and, from this new position, to adapt the strategy and react flexibly. The business world is subject to constant change dynamics. To be able to accept changes quickly here is to be classified as a key competence in our rapidly accelerated world. Mentally strong people are particularly good at this.


6. You know how to influence yourself

Mentally strong people know the possibilities to control their own thought patterns and also apply this actively. We all know the situations in which we find ourselves in constant negative thoughts. The trick now lies in 1. recognizing that we are currently thinking destructively, negatively, and 2. consciously stopping these negative thoughts and replacing them with constructive, positive ways of thinking. In this way, the neural network of mentally strong people is continuously programmed for success. There are a few ways to do this: for example, positive self-talk, positive affirmations or visualization. These methods work best when we are deeply relaxed.


7. You learn from your mistakes

Even if a certain error culture has increasingly found its way into the corporate world. Mentally strong people rarely repeat mistakes. You analyze your result and become aware of what led to your mistake and learn immediately from it. The basic requirement for this is the ability to reflect on oneself, to draw conclusions from them and to adapt future actions accordingly.


8. You have courage

Mentally strong people have the courage to take calculated risks. That means leaving your personal comfort zone, making uncomfortable decisions or getting involved in situations and goals whose outcome is not yet clear. Mentally strong people also have fears or self-doubts in these situations, but overcome them with their unshakable belief in themselves.


9. You have perseverance on the way to your goal

Goals, especially big goals, require consistency and perseverance. Mentally strong people have the ability to motivate themselves in the long term, step by step towards your goal and to stick with it, even with goals that are far away. Long-term goals require that you be attractive enough to keep the fire of excitement on the way to the goal. That is why mentally strong people always know their "why" they want to achieve a special goal.


Mental skills are not innate and you can develop and build mental strength through systematic training.